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Canon Pixma G4010 is an All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer. It features a multi-functional control panel with a numeric keypad on the right along with a 2-Line LCD. This Canon Pixma G4010 setup device is best to use in the home, office, and small enterprise. With the duplex printing (manual) technology and high-yield ink cartridges, you can use this printer for regular and heavy jobs.

Canon Pixma G4010 Compatible OS Platforms

  • Windows 10 (32 & 64-bits), Windows 8.1 (32 & 64-bits), Windows 8 (32 & 64-bits), *Windows 7 (32 & 64-bits) (* compatible with Standard, Professional, and Enterprise edition).
  • Mac OS X v10.5, Mac OS X v10.6, Mac OS X v10.7, Mac OS X v10.8, Mac OS X v10.9, Mac OS X v10.10, Mac OS X v10.11, *Mac OS v10.12, *Mac OS 10.13, and *Mac OS 10.14 (* using AirPrint)
  • The Canon Pixma G4010 setup printer supports Linux OS (32-bit) and Linux (64-bit). Android 4.4 or later OS & iOS 4.2 or higher.
Canon G4010 Printer Compatible OS

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Canon Pixma G4010 Setup

Canon Pixma G4010 Setup

  • Using a cutter or knife, cut open the package. You will see the printer accessories on top; take them one-by-one from the box. Next, take the printer and keep it on a table.
  • Remove the polystyrene sheet, tapes, and stickers from the printer. Remove the power cable from the cardboard box and link the printer to a wall electrical outlet using it.
  • Press & hold the printer’s ON button for the Canon Pixma G4010 setup process and release it when the home screen appears. Open the support tray at the front and pull the input tray extender.
  • Take few A4 sheets and confirm that they are free from curls. Load the papers into the tray and finish the setup process by adjusting the guides.

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver Download

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver Download for MAC

Canon G4010 CUPS Printer Driver is readily available for devices that run on Mac OS. Selecting the Canon Pixma G4010 Driver download link below begins the download process. Counting on the speed of your internet, the .dmg file saves to the Downloads folder on your computer within a few seconds. If you opt for the Pixma Driver & Software Package, get it from the manufacturer for the Canon Pixma G4010 setup process. The package includes the IJ Printer Assistant tool and IJ Scan Utility tool.

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver Download for Windows

Canon Pixma G4010 Driver & Software Package applies for Windows 7 and later operating systems. Single-click on the download link below to get it downloaded on your computer. The Canon Pixma G4010 driver is compatible with all Windows operating systems and you can get it from the manufacturer. The file size varies depending on the driver type you choose and the file format will be in .exe (Full feature driver will be in ZIP).

How to Install Canon Pixma G4010 ?

  • Elevate the top cover and remove the dummy sheet from the scanner. At the printer’s center position, you locate the printhead assembly.
  • Ensure that a rubber tube connects the assembly to the black and the color ink tanks. For further Canon Pixma G4010 setup & installation related guidance just reach our experts.
  • Open the lid of the printhead holder. Take the black printhead, remove it from the plastic cover, and detach the protective tapes. Put the printhead into the holder on the left; the tricolor printhead should go into the slot on the right.
  • Check whether one black ink (XL) and three color ink bottles accompany the printer. Open the cap of the black ink bottle and pour the black ink into the black ink tank. Likewise, discharge the cyan, magenta, & yellow inks into the respective tanks.
Canon G4010 Printer Installation

How To Install Canon Pixma G4010 Driver On Mac

Locate the downloaded file in the Downloads folder of your computer. Start the installation process by mounting the .dmg file on the Disk Image application.

  • Clicking on the Canon Pixma G4010 driver downloaded file twice commences the mounting process.
  • Until you see the Finish button, click Next on the pop-up windows.
  • Select USB or Cableless setup to connect the printer after the installation.

How To Install Canon Pixma G4010 Driver On Windows

Open the location in which the Canon Pixma G4010 driver is downloaded for the Canon Pixma G4010 setup process. Depending on the format of the downloaded file, you can install the driver in two ways.

  • Double-click on the .exe file. If it is in ZIP format, decompress the files and continue further.
  • Wait for the system to extract the files and open the Configuration window.
  • Click the check-box titled Terms & Conditions and go with the on-screen prompts.

Canon Pixma G4010 Wireless Setup

  • Make sure you turn the printer on and ensure that the power lamp is active. While the driver installation is going on, a screen appears prompting you to choose between USB and Wireless connection. Select the Cableless Setup option and after making sure the conditions are good to proceed, click Next. If you have not reviewed the Terms & Conditions or if you opt for USB Setup, click the Start Again or Back button, else, continue further.
  • After the Terms & Conditions screen disappears, click the Connect to network option. Select Cableless setup on the Setup Procedure Selection window. If the operating system version on your computer is Windows XP, click the Other setup method and continue with the on-screen guidelines.
  • Once the Connection via Cableless Canon Pixma G4010 setup screen appears, long press the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the orange-colored alarm lamp blinks. Release the button when the lamp flashes two times. Check that the blue Wi-Fi light flashes immediately and the power lamp (green color) is lit.
  • Click the Next button to proceed further. On the Credentials screen, select your Country and place of residence, and then click Next. A window appears with a list of software; categorized for Windows and Mac. Select the software you want to install, click the check-box next to it, and click the Next button.
Canon Pixma G4010 Wireless Setup
  • Click Yes on the upcoming window to confirm that you accept the end user license agreement and then click Next. The forthcoming screen shows your printer model and the SSID of your wireless network. Click Complete to conclude the Canon Pixma G4010 wireless setup process. Activate the printer’s Wi-Fi and connect it to your network.

Canon Pixma G4010 Airprint Setup

Canon Pixma G4010 Airprint Setup
  • Check your print environment before proceeding to print from your iOS device.
  • Your iOS device should have the latest update of the iOS installed on it.
  • Your device and the printer should be connected through a wired or wireless connection.
  • Make sure that your printer is in the turned-on state for the Canon Pixma G4010 setup process.
  • Load the plain sheets of paper in the input tray with the print side facing downwards.
  • Open the AirPrint app after you have downloaded and installed it.
  • Click on the Operation icon once you launch the app on your device.
  • Press the Menu option after it appears and select the Print option.
  • Choose the model name of your printer from the Printer options.
  • In the Print Settings screen, set the number of copies you want to print and make any changes if needed.
  • Tap on the Print option to print once the Canon Pixma G4010 Airprint setup is over.

Canon Pixma G4010 Google Cloud Print Setup


  • Open Google Chrome in your device and Sign in to your Google account.
  • Choose the Print option from the Menu of the chrome. Click on the Change button followed by the Destination option.
  • Choose the printer name under Google Cloud Print and then tap on the Print option.


  • Check if the printer is turned on. Tap on the Canon Pixma G4010 Setup button.
  • In the Setup Menu screen, use the right and left arrows to choose Web Service Inquiry option. Press OK.
  • Use the same set of arrows again to select the Google Cloud Print option and tap OK to confirm.
  • In the Connecting to Server; printing starts if there is print data screen, click OK.

Canon Pixma G4010 – Print Using Pixma Cloud Link


  • Before printing using Pixma Cloud Link, you have to register with it.
  • After registering, Choose CANON iMAGE GATEWAY from the main screen.
  • Enter the country/region, user name, and the password in the next screen.
  • In the next screen, Choose an album of your choice and select the images you want to print in the succeeding window.
  • Then, modify the needed print settings and choose the Color option.
  • Tap on the OK option to start printing photos once the Canon Pixma G4010 setup is over.


  • Choose the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY option present on the main screen.
  • In the next window where the album list is displayed, you have to select an album of your choice.
  • Choose the list of images you want to print in the next screen and choose the Next option.
  • The Print Settings can be modified in the next screen, and the Print option has to be selected.
  • To print the photos you selected, tap on the Print option.

How to Copy with Canon Pixma G4010

  • Firstly, check if the printer is switched on.
  • Load enough sheets in the input tray. Make sure you are uploading the appropriate size of papers.
  • Tap on the Copy button present in the control panel of the printer.
  • The Copy Standby screen will be displayed on the next screen.
  • Place the original document that you want to copy on the platen glass.
  • In the next step, you have to confirm the size of the page and the magnification.
  • Make use of the Left and right arrows to select the number of copies to be made.
  • Then, tap on the Color button for color copies and the Black button for black & white copies.

How to Scan with Canon Pixma G4010?

  • Make sure the Canon IJ Scan utility is installed on your device & the Canon Pixma G4010 setup is done before scanning your document.
  • Position the document you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  • Then, you have to start the IJ Scan Utility. To open, click on the Start menu and choose Canon Utilities under All apps.
  • Next, select the IJ Scan Utility and key in details such as paper size, resolution, PDF Settings, etc., by clicking the Settings option.
  • Next, choose the Document or Photo option based on the type of document, and the scanning process will start.

Canon Pixma G4010 How to Fax

  • Check if the printer is turned on and then press the Fax button present on the control panel of the printer.
  • The Fax Standby screen is displayed in the next step.
  • Load the document you want to fax on the scanner glass with the fax side facing downwards.
  • The Scan Contrast and the Resolution can be adjusted if necessary.
  • Make use of the numeric buttons present on the control panel to enter the Fax/Telephone number.
  • Press the Color or Black button to send the fax in color or black & white according to your choice.
  • The printer will scan the document and send it.

Canon Pixma G4010 How to Print?


  • Print jobs can be assigned through wired or wireless connections once the Canon Pixma G4010 setup process is over.
  • Several apps and softwares are also available to print documents, files, and images.
  • Connect your device to the printer before delegating print jobs to the Canon printer.
  • Search the document or image you want to print and open it on your device.
  • Go to the File tab and select the Print option under it.
  • Modify any Settings in the Print Preview dialog box and also specify the number of copies to be printed.
  • Click the Print option to print the document.

Print From Your Phone

  • Install the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app on your phone.
  • Open the app on your mobile phone and choose the Document print or Photo Print option based on your choice.
  • Change the Settings in the next screen according to your wish.
  • Add effects or crop the file if needed.
  • Tap on the Print option to print the document.
 Canon Pixma G4010 Copy Setup

Canon Pixma G4010 Troubleshooting


When the printer faces any issue that has to be resolved, you have to troubleshoot it to bring it back to normal state. Instructions to rectify several issues are specified in this website for your reference. If the guidelines are followed properly, then you can rectify it in no time.

Canon Pixma G4010 Paper Jam

  • Open the Output cover of the printer and see if there is any paper jam there.
  • If yes, remove it safely with both your hands.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck under the cartridge holder. Remove it gently.
  • If the paper is rolled out, then pull it slowly to avoid tearing it. For instant Canon Pixma G4010 setup & troubleshooting related assistance just reach us.

Cannot Send or Receive Fax in Canon Pixma G4010:

  • Check if the paper size specified in the Settings differ from the paper size you have loaded.
  • Verify if the receive mode is set properly to receive faxes.
  • See if the FAX RX reject is enabled. If it is in the turned-on state, your printer will reject calls for setting item.
  • Examine if the memory of the printer is full, clear the memory space and try to send or receive again.

Canon Pixma G4010 Cannot find the Printer when Connected to Wireless LAN

  • Verify the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Check if you have enabled the Wi-Fi option on your printer. See if the Wi-Fi icon is displayed on your printer’s screen.
  • Ensure that you completed the entire setup on your computer.
  • Inspect if the printer and the wireless router network settings are the same. Get instant Canon Pixma G4010 setup & installation related support from our experts.

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