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Canon Pixma E3170 Setup Support

Canon Pixma E3170 is an All-in-One Inkjet Printer with which you can print, copy, and scan wirelessly from your smartphone. This printer contains Canon’s first refillable Ink tank system that makes the device print brilliant quality photos at a minimal cost. This Canon Pixma E3170 setup printer is best suited for home and office use.


Canon Pixma E3170 Setup Steps

Choose a place for setting up the printer. Consider the requirements to set up the printer by making sure that the place you have chosen is enough to make room for your laptop.

  • Take the Canon Pixma E3170 printer accessories and the printer out from the box after cutting the package open. Cut the stickers & tapes and remove them from the printer.
  • Open the access door of the printer and eliminate the cardboard pieces, plastic sheets, and other packing materials that are inside. Do not forget the paper trays.
  • Removing the power cord from the package, attach it to the power slot at the back of the printer and wall outlet. Long press the ON button to activate the device for the Canon Pixma E3170 setup process.
  • The Power light flashes two times and blinks steadily. Now, lift the paper support tray located at the top-rear of the printer. Move the paper sliders to their maximum.
  • Keep a stack of plain papers or photo sheets with the print side facing up. Adjust the paper sliders by moving them inward and stop when they recline against the paper stack.
  • Lift the scanner lid and open the cartridge access door using the handles at the edges. Taking the ink cartridges out of the cover.
  • Detach the orange-colored protective tapes from the cartridges. Put the tri-color cartridge into the holder on the left and the black ink cartridge into the holder on the right.
Canon Pixma E3170 setup

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Canon Pixma E3170 Manual Download

Be benefited with the free version of the Canon Pixma E3170 manual. The only thing you have to do is click the link below and wait for a few seconds until the manual is downloaded. Use it to learn the instructions for Canon Pixma E3170 setup, how to connect to a Wireless or USB source, how to print & copy, and procedure to troubleshoot various problems. A printed document of the manual is accompanied by the Canon E3170 printer.

Canon Pixma E3170 Manual Download

Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download

The Canon Pixma E3170 printer supports Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Separate drivers for Mac & Windows are given on our site. Selecting the Windows Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download link helps you get the Full Driver and Software package on the computer & the Mac Driver Download link allows you to download the CUPS version of the driver. After downloading the driver, install the same by following the steps.

Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Installation

Go to the location where the driver file is saved. Double-click the driver and select Yes on the Confirmation window. Click the user Agreements check-box and continue. Following the on-screen prompts for the Canon Pixma E3170 setup process, choose the mode of connection for the printer. Go with the on-screen directions. If the downloaded driver is in ZIP or ISO format, extract the source files and then proceed with the installation.

Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Installation For Mac

  • On your Apple device, navigate to the Applications folder from System Preferences. Double-click on the Mac Utility folder under the Applications menu.
  • Mac’s default utility tools such as the Status Monitor, Terminal (command box), and the Disk Utility can be found inside the Mac Utility folder.
  • Click the Disk Utility option twice to make sure the system allows you to perform disk operations and volume related tasks on the Apple computer.
  • Click the File or Menu tab on the Navigation bar to open the drop-down tab and select the Open Disk Image option.
  • A new File Manager window opens, select the disk file from here. Surf the folders and pick the .dmg file you want to install.
  • Click Open and the .dmg file will be mounted as a disk image. Go to Desktop/home screen and locate the software installation package shortcut.
  • Double-click the disk image you have attached and the contents of the .dmg file pops up on the screen. You can choose the connection type during the Canon Pixma E3170 driver installation process.
  • Right-click on the Canon Pixma E3170 setup file and select Install to open the installation wizard. The Wizard then installs the driver on your PC automatically.
Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download for MAC

Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Installation For Windows

  • Open the folder that comprises of the Canon Pixma E3170 driver downloaded file. Locate the .exe setup file that you want to install on the computer.
  • Selecting the .exe file and rightclicking it opens the drop-down options and lists them as a pop-up menu. Click on the Mount/Install option.
  • It begins to place the selected .exe file as an executable file on the computer. You can locate My Computer in the Start menu.
  • It displays all the disks and local drives that are present. Click to open it and double-click the executable .exe file under the Programs menu.
  • Once you place a .exe file, it appears as a disk image on the system. After attaching the same, it begins to run the installation wizard.
  • Simultaneously, it allows you to install the software from the Canon Pixma E3170 setup file. Hold on for a minute; the download depends on the internet speed.
  • Before reaching the final step, the system prompts you to choose the connection type. Select the USB Setup mode and then proceed.
Canon Pixma E3170 Driver Download for Windows

Canon Pixma E3170 USB Setup

While the Canon Pixma E3170 driver installation is in progress, you will be prompted to decide the mode of connection. Select the USB Setup method for connecting the printer via a USB cable.

  • Plug the square end of the cable to the USB port at the back of the printer.
  • The rectangle-end goes into a USB 3.0 (if available) slot on the computer.
  • Hold on for a minute and the OS detects the recently installed Canon Pixma E3170 driver.
  • Select your printer from the computer and click it twice to start configuration.

Canon Pixma E3170 Wireless Setup

Ensure that the power lamp is active after you turn on the printer. While installing the driver, select the Cableless Setup option on the Canon Pixma E3170 Setup Procedure Selection window.

  • Press and hold the printer’s Wireless button until the Wi-Fi lamp flashes.
  • Release the button and ensure that the color of the lamp changes to blue.
  • Select the software to be installed, tick the checkbox and click Next.
  • Click Finish or Complete to terminate the Canon Pixma E3170 Wireless Setup process.

Canon Pixma E3170 Cartridges Replacement

Check the level of ink on both the cartridges using IJ Status Monitor. If the cartridges are depleted or drained, replace them with new Canon FINE cartridges.

  • Buy a new set of FINE Canon Pixma E3170 cartridges for your printer from an authorized seller.
  • Check if the cartridges are free of leaks.
  • Take the old cartridges out of the printer and send them for the recycling process.
  • Place the new cartridges into the cartridge holders and close the panel. Get complete support for Canon Pixma E3170 setup & troubleshooting process from us.

Canon Pixma E3170 Check Ink Level

Download and install the Canon IJ Status Monitor tool on the computer. With this utility tool, you can get info on the cartridge number, ink status, and warning messages.

  • Access the Canon printer driver setup window on the computer you are using.
  • Minimize the screen and launch the IJ Status Monitor from the Maintenance tab.
  • Click the Advanced menu and expand the View Printer Status under the tab.
  • The status of the ink appears on the screen in a downloadable image format. Reach our experts to know more about Canon Pixma E3170 setup & installation process.

How to copy on Canon Pixma E3170 printer

Do copy operations directly from the control panel of the printer. Load sufficient paper in the input tray before initiating a copy operation. Keep the document to be copied on the scanner. Press the Start Black button to produce black prints and the Start Color button to generate color copies. Specify the number of prints by pressing the Black/Color button a few times. Press OK and the printer copies the document, once done, the document gets printed on the printer.

How to scan on Canon Pixma E3170 printer

Download and install the Canon mobile application on your smartphone. Launch the app and go with the on-screen prompts to register the printer. Activate the Wi-Fi feature on the phone and press the Wireless Direct button on the printer for the Canon Pixma E3170 setup process. Wait until both the devices get connected. After it gets over, place the doc to be scanned on the printer glass. Tap the Scan icon on the mobile and the printer scans and displays the doc on the smartphone.

How To Print On Canon Pixma E3170 Printer

Turn the Canon printer ON and ensure that it is ready to print. Choose what you are going to print and load the file on the computer you are using. Load a few empty sheets into the tray and open the Quick Setup tab on your computer. Now, access the Printer Driver Setup window. Locate the Commonly Used Settings option and set the Print preferences that is suitable with your current print job. Set the printing choices, Media Type and Paper Size on the Printing Preferences tab. Select the Print Quality as Standard for documents and High for photos. Click Apply, go to the document and select the File menu. Click Print, select the Printer model and the printer starts to print the document, once the Canon Pixma E3170 setup is done.

Canon E3170 Printer Scan Setup

Canon Pixma E3170 Troubleshooting


Resolve the recurring errors on the Canon Pixma E3170 printer by following the instructions given below. The guidelines are easy to follow. If you find it difficult to fix the errors on your own, get in touch with our technical team. The printer manual also has a detailed set of guidelines to troubleshoot errors with the printer.

Canon Pixma E3170 Won’t Print

  • Take note of the currently set page size and media type settings. Ensure that they match the size and type of paper loaded in the tray.
  • Confirm that the Canon printer is powered on and ready to print. Navigate to the printer driver configuration screen on the computer you are using.
  • Click on the Frequently Used Settings tab and make use of the recently used settings to select the predefined preferences under the Quick Canon Pixma E3170 Setup tab.
  • Once you choose a print setting, the choices for Additional Features, Media Type, and Paper Size move to the preset values automatically.
  • Next, select the Print Quality and choose either High or Standard. Click OK and print a test pattern report. The printer will now print using the current settings.

Canon Pixma E3170 Ink Cartridge problem

  • Check the status of the ink cartridges using a utility tool.
  • Replace the cartridges if they get depleted.
  • Place the cartridges into the respective cartridge holders.
  • Clean the printheads and the ink nozzles regularly.

Canon Pixma E3170 printer not connecting to wireless

  • Make sure you activate the Wireless function of the Canon printer.
  • Press the Wireless Direct button if you are connecting to a phone.
  • Re-install the printer driver and select the Cableless Setup option.
  • Ensure that the router you use is ready and the internet is active. Just reach our tech experts to get instant assistance for Canon Pixma E3170 setup & troubleshooting process.
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