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Canon Pixma Ts8170 Setup Support


Canon TS810 is an all-in-one printer that provides print, copy, and scan functions. Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup is an advanced wireless photo printer that has high performance and reliability. It has 6 ink cartridges that are used to print & copy documents.

How to Setup Canon Pixma Ts8170 Printer?

  • In the initial setup, you have to check the seal of the package first.
  • If the seal is damaged, send it to the manufacturer for replacement.
  • If the seal is intact, open the package and take the contents out of the box for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup process.
  • Verify if the accessories such as the power cord, telephone cable, user manual, warranty card, and ink cartridges are present.
  • Take the Canon printer out of the package and keep it on a steady surface.
  • You have to insert one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the power supply.
  • Turn the printer on by gently pressing the Power button.

Note :You should not use surge protectors to enable the power supply.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup

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Get Latest Canon Pixma Ts8170 Driver Download


  • Tap the On button to switch off the printer in the first step.
  • The lamps present in the operational panel must have gone out.
  • Now, switch on your computer and go to Windows.
  • Insert the CD in the CD-ROM for initiating the setup process.
  • The Setup program has to be run automatically. Click the Run Msetup4.exe file to start the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup process.
  • In the User Account Control screen, you have to tap the Continue option to give required permissions for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 driver to be installed on your computer.
  • Select the Easy Install option in the next pop up window.
  • Next, select the applications to be installed on your system and then choose the Install option.
  • You have to accept the License Agreement in the next step.
Canon Pixma Ts8170 Driver Download for Windows


  • Firstly, you have to associate the computer and the printer with the help of a USB cable.
  • Turn on your Mac system and place the installation CD in the CD drive.
  • Double-click on the Canon Pixma Ts8170 driver setup icon and then enter the username & password in the next window.
  • On entering the correct password, the setup screen will appear in which you have to select the Easy Install option.
  • In the Applications window, tap the Install option after selecting the applications.
  • Then, agree to the Agreement of License and select the Next option.
  • In the Setup Complete screen, choose the Next option.
  • After the installation process is complete, click the Restart button present in the succeeding screen. For further Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup related support, just reach our experts.
Canon Pixma Ts8170 Driver Download for MAC

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Wireless Setup


  • Verify if your printer is connected to a power supply and turned on.
  • Tap the Home icon present on the left side of the printer’s control panel.
  • Then, press on the Wireless icon present on the bottom right corner of the panel.
  • Click the LAN Settings and choose Wireless LAN under that for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 wireless setup process.
  • Press the Wireless LAN Setup option; select the connection method as Easy Wireless Connect in the next screen that is displayed.
  • Enter the credentials when prompted and connect to the network.
  • Prior to the connection setup process, you have to download the driver.
  • On the Initial screen, click the Next option to begin the installation.
  • Choose the Wireless Connection option from the next screen.
  • The, tap the Connect to the network option and followed by that, choose Cableless setup.
  • Choose the desired network and enter the Security key.
  • Select your residence and region in the next window and agree to the terms & conditions to complete the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup process.


  • The initial step is to check if the printer is switched on.
  • Go to the Home icon available on the left side and select it.
  • Tap the wireless icon present on the control panel and navigate to LAN Settings.
  • Select the Wireless LAN option and then choose the Wireless LAN Setup option.
  • Choose the Wireless Connect option in the succeeding screen.
  • Key in the username and password in the next window.
  • Download the driver compatible with your OS and click the Next option.
  • Enter the Name and Password in the respective fields and choose the Install Helper option.
  • Select the Wireless Connection option to connect your Mac to the wireless network.
  • In the succeeding screen, for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup process tap the Connect to the Network option and in the following screen, select the Cableless Setup option.
  • Choose a network of your choice and enter the password to associate to that network.
  • Your printer and Mac are now connected to the same wireless network.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Wired Setup


  • Quit all the background apps before starting the installation process.
  • Log in to your system as an administrator to delegate necessary permissions when needed.
  • Using the Power button, turn off the printer.
  • If any USB cables are attached to the computer, remove them.
  • Insert the CD in the CD-ROM and double-click on the MSetup4.exe file to start the setup.
  • Click the Yes option in the next screen to give permissions.
  • Then, tap the Easy Install option and in the next screen, you have to choose the list of applications you want to install by clicking the Custom Install.
  • In the Printer Connection Method screen, tap the Use the Printer via USB option to connect via USB cable.
  • Then, associate the printer to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Next, feed papers in the input tray to print the alignment pattern.
  • Choose the Execute option to print two pages of the pattern successfully.
  • Your wired Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup is now complete.


  • Before moving to the installation process, make sure there are no cables connected to the Mac system.
  • With the help of the Power button, turn off the printer.
  • Then, switch on the computer and insert the installation CD in the disk drive.
  • Next, you have to click on the Setup icon and in the next pop up window, enter the Name & Password.
  • Tap the Easy Install option; choose the applications to be installed from the next screen that appears.
  • Choose the Use the Printer via USB option and click on the Next option.
  • Connect the USB cable to the Mac system and the printer.
  • In the Printhead Alignment page, select the Execute option to print the alignment pattern.
  • Make sure to load papers in the input tray before printing the alignment page.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Ink Cartridge


Canon Pixma Ts8170 Ink Cartridge Replacement

  • First, see if the printer is turned on & Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup is done.
  • Open the scanning unit by pulling it upwards.
  • Do not touch anything until the printhead holder goes to the idle position after some movement.
  • The ink tanks will be present there. This printer model has six individual ink cartridges.
  • Push the lock tab of the cartridge you want to replace and pull it in the upwards direction to remove it.
  • Unpack the new cartridge from its package for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 ink cartridge replacement process.
  • Remove the protective film and the orange tape.
  • Hold it by its sides and insert it in the respective positions gently.
  • Close the top cover and take a test print to ensure proper installation.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Ink Refilling

  • If you decide to refill your ink cartridges, make sure you have the ink refilling kit with you.
  • Initially, you have to expose the plastic stopper present on the top of the cartridge.
  • Then, find the orange cap provided to you at the time of purchase and place it under the cartridge to prevent ink leaks from the bottom.
  • With the help of an enlarging tool, increase the size of the hole in the plastic stopper for the Canon Pixma Ts8170 ink refilling process.
  • The syringe you bought should be filled with the ink color you desire. Reach our tech experts to get instant Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup support.
  • Place the needle of the syringe on the top of the cartridge and refill the cartridge slowly.
  • Wait patiently until the excess ink drips off from the cartridge.
  • Then, replace the plastic stopper present on the top of the cartridge and place it in the cartridge slot.
  • Print a test report to see if you have refilled properly.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Airprint

  • Download AirPrint and install it on your device.
  • Ensure that your Canon printer is switched on and is associated with a wireless network.
  • Click the Operation tab from the AirPrint app.
  • Open the document you have to print on your device.
  • Tap the Print option in the pop-up window.
  • Select the printer model from the Printer Options and use the‘+’ or ‘-’ option to specify the number of copies.
  • Click on the Print option to print the document.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Cloud Print Setup

  • To print with Google Cloud Print, you should have a Google account.
  • You have to register with the help of that account to print from Cloud Print.
  • Launch Google Chrome on your system, and Sign in to Chrome by clicking on the Chrome menu.
  • Enter the credentials of your Google Account in the next screen.
  • Choose the Print option present under the Chrome menu.
  • Tap the Change button and then choose the Destination option after that.
  • Select the Canon TS8100 Series option in the Local Destinations option.
  • Choose the Print option to print your document successfully.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Mopria Print Setup

  • At first ensure that the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup is done.
  • To print with Mopria Print service, make sure you have the two specifications listed below.
  • First, associate your printer to a network of your choice.
  • Then, download the Mopria Print Service Plugin from the Google Play Store app.
  • Go to the Settings menu and enable the Mopria Print Service on your device.
  • Open the document you wish to print on your Android device.
  • Select the Print option after opening the file.
  • In the next screen, choose the printer associated with the device from the Mopria Print Service application.
  • The printer name should have the name Mopria Print Service included in it.
  • Key in the number of copies, size of the paper, and other settings as per your choice.
  • Click the Print option to start printing the document.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Pixma Cloud Link

  • Prior to printing, you have to register your account with Pixma Cloud Link.
  • Choose the CANON iMAGE GATEWAY option from the main menu.
  • In the next screen, specify your country/region, User ID, and password.
  • In the Albums windows, select an album of your choice to print.
  • After entering the album, choose the photos present in that album to print.
  • Click the Next option; make necessary setting changes in the next screen and choose the color option to print the file in color.
  • Select OK to print the selected photos.

How To Print With Canon Pixma Ts8170?

  • Before initiating the print process, make sure you have completed the Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup process.
  • Coonect your Canon printer to the computer.
  • The connection can be made via a wired or wireless connection.
  • Then, open the input tray of the Canon printer.
  • Load the tray with papers of appropriate size. Placing an inappropriate size of paper will lead to the failure of the print job.
  • Adjust the paper guide after loading the papers in the input tray.
  • Search and open the document or file you want to print. Go to the Menu tab.
  • Click on the Print option and the Print preview dialog box will appear.
  • Modify any changes if you want to and click the Print option.

How To Scan With Canon Pixma Ts8170?

  • Check if the IJ Scan Utility is installed on your computer before proceeding to scan your documents.
  • Then, place the original documents on the platen glass with the scan side facing downwards.
  • Next, you have to start the IJ Scan Utility on your computer.
  • Navigate to Settings to set the paper size, resolution, etc., in the dialog box.
  • Once you change the settings, click the OK button.
  • Choose the Document or Photo option to scan your document.
  • The scan process will now start.
  • Once the scan is complete, it will be saved on your device.

How To Copy With Canon Pixma Ts8170?

  • To copy, place the documents on the scanner glass with the copy side facing downwards.
  • Press the Copy option to start the copy function.
  • Specify the number of copies in the next screen.
  • Tap the Color option for color copy and the Black option for copying in black & white.
  • The documents will be copied now. For instant Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup & troubleshooting related support just reach our tech experts.
Canon Ts8170 Printer Copy Settings

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Troubleshooting


Canon Pixma Ts8170 troubleshooting process has to be carried out when the printer is stuck with any issue. All instructions necessary to repair the Canon printer can be obtained from this website. For further assistance on issues or errors, you can contact the technicians.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Print Jobs Not Starting:

  • Check if the printer is associated properly to the power supply and that it is turned on.
  • Delete the print queue to print the current document without any obstacles.
  • Verify if the necessary drivers have been installed on your device.
  • Restart the computer and the printer if this issue persists.

Canon Pixma Ts8170 Printing Blank Papers:

  • Check the ink levels in the cartridges.
  • Replace them or refill them if they are low on ink.
  • Verify if the printhead nozzles are clogged.
  • Print the nozzle check pattern to clear the issue. Get instant support for Canon Pixma Ts8170 setup & troubleshooting related process.
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