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Canon Pixma Ts5170 Setup Support


Canon Pixma TS5170 is an All-in-One high-performance photo printer that comes with cloud & mobile printing solutions. It features a 2.5-inch color display with a wide range of options on the access panel. The Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup is a compact size & light weight printer which makes it suitable for use in home & offices.


Canon Pixma Ts5170 Setup Steps

  • Use a cutter to cut the tapes on the shipment. Open the cover of the box and take the Styrofoam cover in which the printer is enclosed, and then take the printer from it. Take the other accessories like printer manual, CD to install the drivers, power & network cables, and the ink cartridges out of the box.
  • Keep the printer on a desk and begin the Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup process by eliminating all the tapes and stickers from the device. With the electrical cord accompanied, provide electrical supply to the printer by plugging the cable to the power port at the back of the printer and a wall electrical outlet without voltage fluctuations.
  • Get the printer active by long pressing the ON button on the access panel. When you see the Welcome screen, set your default Language and sort the other preferences. Open the access door and make sure you clear the cardboard pieces from the printer’s inside. Take a thorough-check and remove any paper pieces.
  • Grasp the Paper Tray 1’s handle and pull it out. Get information about the papers that are supported by the printer. Take papers with respect to the tray’s limit. Ensure that they are free from wrinkles and curls. Place the stack on the tray and adjust the paper guides; once done push the tray inside the printer.
Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup

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How To Install Canon Pixma Ts5170?

  • Raise the top lid and eliminate the dummy paper from the scanner. Open the ink cartridge access door by lifting it and hold it steady. The ink cartridge assembly will be located on the right. Hold on until the carriage turns idle.
  • One dye-based black ink cartridge, one pigment black ink cartridge, and three color ink cartridges accompany the Canon Pixma TS5170 setup printer. Take the cartridges out of the plastic bags and remove the protective tapes.
  • You can find markings on the cartridge assembly to insert the cartridges. Put the cartridges one by one into the designated ink slots. Close the cartridge access door. Press the Information button to check the ink alignment.
Canon Pixma Ts5170 Installation

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver For Mac

Make use of the Canon CUPS Printer Driver for devices that operate on Mac OS X v5.0 and later. Select the Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver Download button below to begin the download process. The download time depends on the internet speed. After a few seconds, a file with .dmg format saves to the Downloads folder on the computer. Access the manufacturer’s site if you prefer the Pixma TS5170 Driver & Software Package.

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver For Windows

If you have Windows 7 or later operating system installed on the computer, opt for the Canon Pixma TS5170 setup printer Full Driver & Software Package. Selecting the download button below allows you to the get the driver saved on the computer. The Pixma TS5170 MP Printer Driver is suitable for all the versions of the Windows operating systems; get it from the manufacturer. The size varies depending on the driver you choose.

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver For Windows

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver Installation for MAC

Locate the recently downloaded driver in the Downloads folder. To proceed with the installation process, mount the .dmg file on the Disk Image software.

  • Double-click on the Canon Pixma Ts5170 driver downloaded file two times to begin the installation.
  • Keep on clicking Next until you see the Finish button on the Installation window.
  • When the system prompts to choose the connection mode, click USB or Wireless.
  • If the file is in ISO or ZIP format, click the Read More button below to mount the driver on a Disk Image and install. For instant Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup support just reach us.
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Canon Pixma Ts5170 Driver Installation for Windows

Open the location in which the Canon Pixma TS5170 driver is downloaded. Depending on the format of the downloaded file, you can install the driver in two ways.

  • Click twice on the ISO/ZIP file. If it is in different format, click the Read More button.
  • The computer extracts the source files and an Action window opens.
  • Click I Accept the Terms & Conditions and proceed with the on-screen prompts.
  • Make necessary changes during the installation and select the connection type.
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Canon Pixma Ts5170 Usb Setup

On the second screen (phase) of the driver installation process, select the USB(Default) Setup method as the connectivity type for the Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup process and proceed with the on-screen steps.

  • Attach the square-end of a USB cable to the printer’s USB port at the rear.
  • The rectangle-end should be inserted into a USB slot on the computer.
  • Wait for a moment for the OS to identify the recently installed driver.
  • Select your printer from the computer and double-click on it to configure.
Canon Pixma Ts5170 Usb Setup

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Ink Cartridge Replacement


Take a thorough-check and ensure that the ink cartridges are free from leaks and duplication. Remove the newly puchased cartridges from the plastic bags and detach the protective tapes from them. Holding the cartridges on the plastic area, insert the black Canon Pixma Ts5170 ink cartridges into the black slots and the tricolor ink cartridges into the color slots. Close the door after doing so. Print an Information page and check the printhead alignment on the page.

Canon Pixma Ts5170 Check Ink Level

You can check the status of the ink cartridges using the Canon IJ XPS Status Monitor that can be extracted from the full feature driver package. Extral information such as the level of the remaining ink in the cartridges and the cartridge types for your printer will also be displayed.

  • Access the printer driver Canon Pixma Ts5170 setup menu.
  • Go to the Canon IJ Status Monitor.
  • Click View Printer Status on the Maintenance tab.
  • The Canon IJ Status Monitor window is loaded.
  • The Ink Status appears on the screen as a picture.

The cartridges must be running out of ink, if you receive a notification about the remaining ink level (denoted by a mark above the ink icon) after few seconds. Purchase a new set of Canon Pixma TS5170 ink cartridges and get rid of the old ones. Now, click on the Ink Details option. You can also check the information related to ink here. In case of warning or error messages, a notification will appear at the top of the dialog box.

Canon Pixma TS5170 Wireless Setup

Make sure you power up the printer and ensure that the power light blinks steadily. While the driver installation is being carried on, a window appears prompting you to choose between USB and Wireless connections. Select the Cableless Setup option and after ensuring that the conditions are OK to proceed, click Next. If you have not read the Terms & Conditions or wish to go for USB Setup, click the Start Again or Back button, else, continue further.

  • Choose Cableless setup on the Canon Pixma TS5170 Setup Procedure Selection screen.
  • Continue pressing the printer’s Wireless button until the Wi-Fi lamp flashes.
  • Check that the blue light flashes immediately and the power light is lit.
  • Click the check-boxes next to the apps you wish to install and click Next.
  • Click Complete/Finish to terminate the Canon Pixma TS5170 wireless setup process.

How To Print On Canon Pixma TS5170 Printer

Ensure that the Canon printer is turned on and ready to print. Decide what you are going to print and open the designated paper tray (you can load papers in the front tray and photos/cards in the rear tray). After opening the tray, pull the support tray. Load few papers into the tray and from the computer, launch the Printer Driver Setup window and open the Quick Setup tab. Access the Commonly Used Settings box and select the printing profile suitable for your current print job. Set the printing preferences such as Media Type and Paper Size on the Printing Preferences tab. Make sure to select the Print Quality as High for photos and Standard for documents. Click Apply and now open the document you want to print and click the File menu. Select Print > Printer model and the printer starts to print the chosen document.

How To Copy On Canon Pixma TS5170 Printer

You can perform copy operations directly from the control panel of the printer. Before initiating copy, make sure to load sufficient paper in the input tray. Switching on the printer for the Canon Pixma TS5170 setup process, raise the scanner cover and place the document to be copied on the glass. Slide the cover down until it rests on the paper and tap the Copy icon. Select Standard Copy and then allocate the number of copies to be printed from the control panel. Tap the Black or Color icon, as per your requirements. The printer starts copying the document placed on the scanner glass. You can also set the Copy Settings from the printer’s control panel and make double-sided copies, borderless copies, & frame erase copy from the printer. For duplex copying, once the printer prints one side, turn the page over and place the paper again.

How To Scan On Canon Pixma TS5170 Printer

Power on the Pixma printer and elevate the scanner lid. Make sure you establish wireless communication between the printer and the computer you use. With the print side facing down, keep the original document to be scanned on the glass and lower the lid. Tap the Scan icon on the access panel and the printer begins to scan the document. Hold on until the green-colored beam of light passes across the scanner. You can download it to your computer for printing later. Instead of using the Scan icon, download and install the IJ Scan Utility tool on the computer you are using. You can get the tool from the full feature driver package. Launch the tool, register the printer, initiate Scan, and make necessary settings on the preview window. Canon Pixma TS5170 Setup the scan resolution & click Scan.

How To Fax On Canon Pixma TS5170 Printer

Access the document that you want to fax on the laptop. You can use the Automatic Document Feeder to fax multi-page documents. If you are making use of the scanner, load the doc with the print-side resting on the glass. Load few plain papers into the input tray for the printer to print any fax-related reports. Take the receiver device that is connected over the telephone line similar to the printer. Wait for a dial tone. On the control panel of the printer, type the receiver’s fax or telephone number. Choose the Yes (Fax & Voice) option. Hold on until the Fax Canon Pixma TS5170 setup process is completed. After it gets over, tap the Send icon. After a few minutes, check with the recipient for the faxed document.

Canon Pixma TS5170 Printer Functions
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