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Canon Pixma MG2570S is an affordable printer that produces high-quality prints. Follow the procedure given below for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup process.


Canon Pixma Mg2570s Setup Steps

  • After you purchase the printer, check for any damage.
  • Verify the seal of the package in which the Canon Pixma Mg2570s printer arrived.
  • If it is broken or damaged, then you have to return the Canon printer to its manufacturer.
  • Open the package and take the printer out of the box for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup process.
  • Place it on a flat surface to avoid any damage.
  • The Accessories such as power cord, user manual, warranty card, and ink cartridges should be present inside the package.
  • You should associate one end of the power cord with the printer. The other end should be connected to the power source. Turn on your Canon printer with the help of the Power button.
  • Avoid using surge protectors to associate the printer with the power supply.
Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Driver

Drivers are the medium of connection between the printer and the computer. They have to be installed on your system as a part of the initial setup. Each version of OS has a different driver that has to be installed. The Canon Pixma Mg2570s driver can be downloaded from this website or installed using the CD.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Manual

The Canon Pixma Mg2570s manual contains all the instructions needed for operating the Canon printer. It is provided for you to you when you purchase the printer. you can also download it from this site. The guidelines for Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup & troubleshooting your printer are also given in the manual.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Manual Download

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Printer Driver Download And Installation

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Driver for Windows

  • Switch on the Canon printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Make sure that the lights present on the operational panel have turned off.
  • Place the installation CD in the CD-ROM to begin the setup process.
  • Once the Canon Pixma Mg2570s Setup window displays, choose the Run Msetup4.exe option.
  • The Continue option should be selected in the User Account Control screen.
  • Grant the permissions required for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s driver to be installed on your system.
  • In the next window, choose the Easy Install option.
  • Choose the Install option after selecting the set of applications that have to be installed on your computer.
  • Read the License Agreement and agree to them.
Canon Pixma Mg2570s Driver for Windows

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Driver for Mac

  • Make use of a USB cable to connect the Mac system and the Canon printer.
  • Switch on your Mac system and insert the Canon Pixma Mg2570s driver installation CD in the drive.
  • Double-click on the Setup icon available in the next screen to initiate the setup process.
  • Specify the user name and password in the respective fields.
  • The Canon Pixma Mg2570s Setup screen will appear once you enter the correct password. Choose the Easy install option on that screen.
  • Confirm the installation by clicking on Install and select the application you want to install in the next screen.
  • You should perform the License Agreement in the next step.
  • Wait until the installation is over and restart your Mac system.
Canon Pixma Mg2570s Driver for MAC

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Cartridge Installation

The cartridges are responsible for printing or copying documents or any other files. Learn how to perform the installation by following the steps mentioned below.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Cartridge Installation

How To Install Canon Pixma MG2570S Ink Catridges?

  • Check if the Canon MG2570S printer is turned on.
  • Retract the output tray and then open the front cover.
  • Wait until the cartridge slot moves to the replacement position.
  • Unpack the new cartridges from its packet. Make sure to install original Canon ink cartridges.
  • Discard the protective film and the orange tape present on top of the cartridge before inserting it.
  • Hold the Canon Pixma MG2570S cartridge by its sides and install it in a slightly slanting position.
  • Push it firmly until you hear a click sound.
  • Close the front cover after installing the cartridge and take a test print, once the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup process is done.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Ink Cartridge Replacement

  • Changing the ink cartridge can be very simple if you go through the steps given on this website.
  • The initial step to perform the procedure is to check if the Canon printer is turned on.
  • Pull the front cover of the printer after extending the output tray.
  • This model of the Canon printer has two individual ink cartridges: a black and a color ink cartridge.
  • Wait patiently until the carriage goes to the replacement position.
  • Remove the old empty cartridge from its slot.
  • Keep it aside for recycling. Unwrap the new cartridge from its package. Reach our technical experts to get instant support for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup & troubleshooting related process.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s Cartridge Refill

  • Ensure that you have the ink refilling kit with which you can refill the cartridge.
  • Expose the plastic stopper present at the top of the cartridge.
  • Look for the orange cap covering the cartridge. Position it under the cartridge to avoid spilling ink on the surface.
  • Increase the size of the hole present in the plastic stopper using an enlarging tool for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s cartridge refill process.
  • Fill the syringe you bought with an ink color of your choice.
  • Place the needle at the starting of the hole and refill the cartridge slowly.
  • You should wait until the excess ink drips off.
  • Position the plastic stopper in its original place and install it in the cartridge.
  • Print a test report, after completing the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup process to see if you have inserted the cartridge properly.

How To Print From Canon Pixma Mg2570s

Any files or images can be printed using the Canon printer. Establish a connection with your computer and start printing.

  • Mount plain sheets of paper on the main tray.
  • Launch the printer driver setup window.
  • Choose the printing profile that is compatible with the process.
  • Select the Additional Features, Media Type, and Printer Paper Size settings option.
  • Select the Print Quality option.
  • Click the High, Standard or Draft option for the Print Quality.
  • Complete the process by clicking the OK option.
  • The document gets printed with the settings that are similar to the print settings.

How To Scan On Canon Pixma MG2570S

Scanning is the process of making a copy of any document. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to scan using your Canon printer.

  • Power On your printer for the Canon Pixma MG2570s setup process.
  • Keep the document you want to scan on the Platen Glass or in the ADF.
  • Press the Scan icon on the Home screen of your printer.
  • Choose the computer to forward the scanned document.
  • Tap the OK button on the control panel of your printer.
  • Select the document type on your printer.
  • Touch the Function button to perform any changes.
  • Pick the color for scanning the document.
  • Click the Start Scan or Scan icon to begin the installation.
  • View the scanned document on your computer and save it for future use.

Canon Pixma MG2570S Scan To Computer

  • Download and install the IJ Scan utility tool on your computer.
  • From the Start menu, choose All Apps.
  • Pick Canon Utilities ——> IJ Scan Utility to launch the application.
  • You can also type the application name in the search bar to access the same.
  • Power On your computer and Canon printer.
  • Place the document on the Platen Glass of your printer.
  • Launch the Canon IJ Scan utility tool on your computer.
  • Click on the Auto option to start the scanning process.
  • Your Scanned document will be saved in the folder you have specified.
  • Make use of the scanned document for future reference.

How To Make a Copy On a Canon Pixma Mg2570s

Perform the Copy function using your Canon printer by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Power Up your Pixma printer for the Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup process.
  • Keep the document you want to copy on the Platen Glass.
  • On the Home screen of your printer, press the Copy icon.
  • Click Start to initiate the Copy function.
  • You can also perform the 2-sided printing by pressing the 2-sided option.
  • If you want to print on both sides of the page, select Book —–> 2-sided.
  • Press Ok —–> Start.
  • Tap the Done option after completing the Copy function.

Canon Pixma Mg2570s How To Connect To Computer

  • Power Down your printer and the system before establishing the connections.
  • Now, associate the flat end of the USB cable with your computer.
  • Connect the square end to the printer.
  • Power On both the devices and start performing the printer function.
  • If you are using the wireless connection to connect your printer, ensure that the router is turned On.
  • Associate the LAN cable with your printer in its respective port.
  • Try performing any printer function using your Canon Pixma printer.

How To Reset Canon Pixma Mg2570s

Sometimes, resetting the printer can resolve the printer problems and bring it back to default settings. Follow the guidelines below to reset the printer.

  • Turn Off your Canon Pixma MG2750S printer.
  • Press and hold the Stop or Reset button by pushing the power button.
  • Release the Stop or Reset button by pressing the power button.
  • Wait until the LED of the printer displays 0.
  • Now, press the Reset or the Stop button 4 times continuously.
  • Again touch the power button of your printer twice.
  • Power Off your Canon printer by pressing the power button.
  • Your Canon Pixma Printer is now reset.
  • For further queries, just reach tech experts to get instant Canon Pixma Mg2570s setup related support.
Canon Mg2570s Reset

Canon Pixma MG2570S Troubleshooting


There are some problems that occur in the Canon printer. Any problem can be resolved using some troubleshooting steps. Below given are the printer problems and the steps to troubleshoot the issue. Follow the simple procedure below to resolve the printer problem at home.

Canon Pixma MG2570S Scanner Not Working

Resolve the scanner issues that occur on your Canon MG2750S printer by following the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Ensure that you have established the necessary connections for your printer correctly and the Canon Pixma MG2570s setup is done properly.
  • Clear if there are any dust, fingerprints on the scanner glass of your Pixma printer.
  • Update the driver firmware if you are using an outdated one.
  • Check the memory space of your printer to perform a Scan function.
  • Jams that occur on the feeder can also cause the printer to malfunction.
  • In case the above-given guidelines did not help you in resolving the issue, then open the command prompt on your system.
  • Type the command SfcScannow and press the enter key.
  • Find the issue and resolve it.

Canon Pixma MG2570S Error Codes

Error codes are displayed on the screen of your Canon printer. Troubleshoot them by following the resolving steps accordingly.

  • If the error code 6000 gets displayed, then the issue has occurred on the paper tray of your printer.
  • The 1688 error code is due to the fault on the ink cartridge of your printer.
  • Paper has been fed to one side of the machine if you are displayed with the error code 2102.
  • The paper loaded on the input tray is not compatible with your printer if the error code 1310 is displayed.
  • The installed cartridge is not in the slot if you are displayed with the error codes starting in 14 (EG 1401, 1403 …).
  • If the error code 1003 displays, then no sheets are loaded in the input tray.
  • The 4100 error states that you cannot print on the Creative Park Premium. Get instant support for Canon Pixma MG2570s setup & troubleshooting process from our techies.

Canon Pixma MG2570S Won’t Print

If you cannot print using your Canon Pixma MG 2750S printer, proceed with the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Check the connection made with your printer.
  • Load the tray with manufacturer recommended printing sheets.
  • Ensure that the tray is filled with sufficient printing sheets.
  • Install genuine ink cartridges into its appropriate slot.
  • Update the firmware if an outdated one is being used.
  • If you can’t resolve the issue, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Canon Pixma MG2570S Paper Jam

The Paper Jam issue can be resolved by following the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Ensure that the cartridge is not below the cartridge holder.
  • Pull the paper out of the roller slowly.
  • Make sure you do not tear it while pulling it out.
  • Remove even the small bits of paper from your printer.
  • After removing the jammed paper, close the paper output cover.
  • Try to perform printing using your printer, after completing the Canon Pixma MG2570s setup process.
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