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Canon Pixma IP7270 Inkjet Printer is a user-friendly, single function print device that comes with advanced media handling capability and occupies only a small amount of space. Get quick Canon Pixma IP7270 setup support from us.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Setup

Unwrap the printer from the box and place it on a flat surface. Do not place the printer on a damp or dusty location. Inspect if there are any defects or missing parts. Remove all the tapes and protective covers.

Press and hold the Open button until the Paper Output Tray & the Output Tray Extension opens automatically. Open the Cover located at the top of the Print Machine. You can see an orange tape or a protective bag inside. Remove them with care & shut the top cover for the Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup process.

Connecting The Power Cord

Take the power cord that accompanied with your printer. Connect one end of the cord to the rear side of the machine & plug the other end to an electric socket. Do not attempt to connect the USB cable now. Switch on the printer and press the ON button present at the top of the device.

A white light flashes on the Power lamp to ensure connectivity. If the light doesn’t flash, check whether you have inserted the power cord properly.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Ink Cartridge Installation

To install the ink cartridges, you need to open the top cover of the print machine & locate the holder that possess the ink tanks. When you open the lid, make sure you do not touch anything inside until the machine becomes idle. Remove the protective cover completely. Do not damage other components while you are doing this process.

You can find an orange cap at the end of the holder. Lock your fingers against the cap and pull it outwards with utmost care. Insert the ink tank into the respective color slot and push it gently. Make sure that the white lamp flashes on the slot after you load the ink tank. Install the otherCanon Pixma Ip7270 ink tank in the same way. Check if all the lamps are lit.

For further Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup related support just reach our experts. The lamp flashing on the slots indicates that the ink tanks are successfully loaded. Close the inner cover of the device and then shut the top cover. Make sure you don’t close the paper output tray now.

Once you close the top cover, you can see that the flashing alarm lamp on the printer is lit white. If the lamp is lit orange, then check whether you have loaded the ink tanks properly. Now close the machine’s paper output tray and the output extension tray will close automatically.

How To Perform Print Head Alignment In Canon Pixma Ip7270?

To perform the printhead alignment, you need to pull the lower cassette outwards. You will be able to see three paper guides. Adjust the front paper guide to A4 size. Now, you have to move the left and right paper guides wide apart. Sliding any one of the guides will move the other automatically.

Load the paper that came along with your printer into the cassette. Slide the paper against the front guide. Move the right guide towards the edges of the paper to fix them securely in the tray. Place the cassette back in the same position. Get instant Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup & troubleshooting related guidance from our tech experts.

Now, press the Open button to pull the paper output support outwards. Press the Resume/Cancel button which is present at the left side of the machine. Within a few minutes, the machine prints a blue-black pattern on the paper that indicates the completion of the printhead alignment process.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Setup

How To Load Paper In Canon Pixma Ip7270?

To load paper, close the paper output support. Pull the cassette outwards. You need to decide which cassette to use based on your paper size. Adjust the front guide to the paper size. Widen the other two guides and place the paper. Verify that you have set the paper with the print side facing downwards. Make sure that the paper is appropriately set by adjusting the right & left guides.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Wireless Connection Setup

You can connect your Pixma iP7270 printer to a network using the WPS connection method. Verify that the network uses the WPA or WPA2 Security Protocol. Make sure that you have connected your system to the router to which you want to connect your print device.

Turn the print device on. Press the Wi-Fi button on the front of the machine until it starts to flash blue. Quickly press the WPS button on your router for the Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup process. The blue Wi-Fi lamp continues to flash while searching for the connection. When the Print device has made the connection to your network, the blue light will stop flashing and remain lit.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Driver Installation

To install drivers for Canon iP7270, download the driver file from a trusted website. For that, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and type your printer model in the search box. The page opens specifically for your printer. Select the OS for which you want to download the driver.

Select the software link to start downloading it on your PC. Select a save location if prompted. Open the folder by double-clicking the software setup extension. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the Canon Pixma Ip7270 driver installation. Remember you need to have an administrator account to download the driver.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Driver Download
Canon Pixma Ip7270 Driver Installation

How To Print In Canon Pixma Ip7270 From a Computer?

Once all the initial Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup have been completed, you can start to print. Load the paper in the cassette. The choice of your Cassette depends on the paper size. Adjust the three paper guides to place the sheets securely. Do not overload paper in the cassette. Slide the cassette towards the Print Device. Press the On button and open the paper output support.

Select the document that you want to print and display the Print Dialog Box. Select CANON from the list of printers displayed and click the Properties option. Mention the Paper Orientation in the respective field and click the Print icon.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Print Photos Using My Image Garden

  • Ensure that the Canon My Image Garden is installed on your printer. It usually installs with the printer software.
  • Click the Start menu and tap All Programs.
  • Choose the Canon Utility option and then select the My Image Garden option.
  • When the Quick menu opens, click the My Image Garden icon.
  • All images saved in the local folder of your computer displays on the window.
  • Select the image that you want to print.
  • When the Print settings window opens, click the Print icon. The printer will start printing your image, once the Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup is done.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Troubleshooting

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Paper Jam

  • Turn your printer off and remove the power cord from it.
  • Raise the top cover and check for any jammed paper.
  • If there is any jammed paper under the printhead holder, manually move the holder to a side. Remove the jammed paper if any.
  • Check the paper output slot and remove any foreign objects or paper stuck in it. Pull out the paper slowly using both your hands.
  • If there are any torn paper bits inside the printer, clear them all.
  • Close the top cover. Place a stack of paper into the input tray and try to print.
  • If the printer doesn’t print, pull out the rear cover and remove any sheet stuck in the rear side of the printer.
  • Check the transport unit area. Remove the transport unit cover, check and remove any jammed paper, and reinsert the cover.
  • Remove the upper and lower cassettes and remove any jammed paper from it. Reach our experts to get easy steps for Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup & troubleshooting process.
  • Reinsert the cassettes and then press the Resume/Cancel button on the operation panel. If the error persists, contact the manufacturer and service your printer.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Paper Feeding Error

  • Make sure that the paper is loaded properly into the printer.
  • Do not place curled, wrinkled, or damaged paper in the cassette.
  • Ensure that the media type setting on printer software corresponds with that of the paper loaded.
  • Ensure that the inner cover of the printer is closed. The paper will not feed properly if the inner cover is not closed.
  • Clean the paper feed roller using a lint-free cloth.
  • Check and remove any obstruction in the cassette.
  • Make sure the transport unit over and the rear cover are firmly fixed to the printer.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Error

  • Ensure that the paper feed tray, top cover, transport unit cover, and cassettes are properly fixed to the printer. Remove any physical objects blocking the tray.
  • Turn the printer off and switch it on again.
  • Check for a paper jam inside the printer. Remove any jammed paper from the cassettes, output slot, and under the printhead holder.
  • The B200 error indicates a hardware issue. Switch off the printer, remove the power cord, and get your printer serviced.
  • If the 5100/5101 error displays, open the top cover and remove any safety material.
  • Make sure there are no paper jams inside the printer or any of its accessories.
  • Check if the ink tanks are properly installed. All the ink lamps should be turned on.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Printer Offline

If the printer is offline error appears on your printer when you try to print, proceed with the steps below to fix this issue. For further Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup & troubleshooting related assistance, reach our experts.

  • First, check the connection between the printer and your computer. Replace the USB cable if it is damaged.
  • If you have established a network connection, move the printer close to your router. Restart the router if the network signal is poor and reconnect the printer to the network.
  • Go to the control panel on your computer and click Devices and Printers.
  • Click on the printer icon and select the See what’s printing tab on the top menu bar.
  • Go to the Printer menu. If the Use Printer Offline option is enabled, disable it.
  • Ensure that the printer is set as the default printing source.
  • If the issue persists, uninstall the printer driver. Remove all the printer-related entries from your computer and reinstall the most recent version of the driver.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Printer Does Not Start

  • Ensure the power cord is properly secured into the wall outlet and printer’s rear port.
  • Check if the printer driver is properly installed on your computer & Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup is done.
  • Make sure Pixma ip7270 is set as the default printer.
  • If you have connected the printer to a network, keep the printer close to your router.
  • Switch off the router and power it on again. Reconnect the printer to the router and try to print.
  • Check the connectivity of your computer as well. Ensure that it is connected to the network.
  • If the issue persists, try updating the printer firmware.

Canon Pixma Ip7270 Printer Prints Blurred Or No Image

  • First, print the Nozzle Check Pattern paper to check if ink ejects from the printhead nozzles.
  • If the pattern is not correct, check if any of the ink tanks are low on ink.
  • Try cleaning the printhead and then print the pattern again.
  • If the issue persists, proceed with a deep printhead cleaning.
  • Check the print quality settings on the Print Dialog box.
  • Ensure that the settings correspond to the type of media loaded into the printer.
  • Open the top cover and ensure that there is no protective tape on the ink tank.
  • Ensure that the print side of the paper loaded into the cassettes is facing down. For further Canon Pixma Ip7270 setup related support just reach our tech experts.
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