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For Pro photographers who look for exceptional print quality, versatility, and control, the Pixma IP series of printers is the best option. The Canon Pixma IP2870 setup printers are compatible with the Easy-PhotoPrint 3.0 software with which you can accurately make changes to a photo (e.g., detect the subject face and adjust the skin tone).


How to Setup Canon Pixma IP2870?

  • Take a sharp cutter or scissors to cut the packing tape sealing the carton.
  • Open the top covers of the carton & remove the packing materials from it.
  • Remove the Canon IP2870 printer from the packaging box and place it on a flat surface.
  • Remove the plastic cover on the outer surface of the printer.
  • Detach the orange tape fastened on the top cover of the printer.
  • Pull the paper support out and then the output tray.
  • Raise the rear input tray until it fixes at a place.
  • Connect the printer to a power source for the Canon Pixma iP2870 setup process.
  • Install the ink tanks into the correct slots.
  • Connect the printer to a print input device via a USB cable.
Canon Pixma IP2870 Setup

How To Set Up Power Connection On Canon Pixma IP2870 Printer?

  • Unpack the power cord from the printer box.
  • Plug one end of the power cable into a stable alternating current source.
  • Locate the power cable port at the rear of the printer.
  • Insert the other end of the power cable into the appropriate power port on the rear of the printer.
  • Press the On/Off button which is on the top of the printer panel.
  • Allow the printer to warm up for some time after turning the printer active.

How to load paper on Canon Pixma IP2870 printer?

  • Upraise the rear input tray until it stops at a place.
  • Adjust the guides to their farthest position.
  • Arrange the edges of a pile of paper on a horizontal leveled surface.
  • Place the pile at the center of the input tray.
  • Slide the paper guides towards the paper pile until the sides of the guides stop at the edges of the paper.
  • Do not force the guides while sliding inwards; it may bend or wrinkle the paper.
  • Push the paper support outside the printer and then the output tray. Get the Canon Pixma IP2870 setup & installation related support from our techies.

Canon IP2870 Cartridge Installation

Canon IP2870 Cartridge Installation
  • Ensure that the Canon Pixma iP2870 printer is turned on.
  • Take one of the FINE cartridges from the plastic package.
  • Unfasten the plastic tape on the top of the FINE cartridge.
  • Hold the cartridge on its plastic sides only.
  • Do not touch the electrical faces on the top of the FINE cartridge.
  • Do not shake the ink cartridge which may spill the ink out.
  • Be sure not to disturb the printhead nozzle because it may cause print quality issues.
  • Raise the paper support and pull the output tray out.
  • Stay until the cartridge holder moves to the center of the printer.
  • Insert the Canon Ip2870 cartridge into the appropriate slot in an upward slant angle.
  • Push the cartridge slowly until it snaps into the slot.
  • Install another FINE cartridge in the same way.
  • Make sure you have installed both the FINE cartridges.
  • If you have installed only one FINE cartridge, the printer may fail to print.
  • Close the output tray door. Reach our experts to get instant support for Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup & troubleshooting related process.

Canon Pixma IP2870 Driver Download & Installation

  • Make sure your Canon Pixma iP2870 printer is active.
  • Set up an Internet connection on a router after connecting to a modem or LAN.
  • Turn your computer into the active mode and connect it to the Internet.
  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Search through the web for Canon Pixma iP2870 printer’s driver file.
  • Make sure you are searching for appropriate driver file that suits your Canon printer model and the computer version.
  • After downloading the driver file on your computer, start the installation process.
  • If the Canon Pixma Ip2870 driver file is compressed, extract the compressed folder and double-click the setup.exe file to run it as an administrator.
  • Follow the Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup & installation actions shown on the computer screen and take appropriate measures.
  • Continue the installation process and when it prompts to choose the connection type USB connection.
  • Plug the USB cord between your computer and printer.
  • Add the Canon Pixma IP2780 printer to your computer, and set it as the default printing source.
  • Once your Canon printer is added to the computer, the printer driver automatically detects it.
  • Canon Inkjet Printer Utility is a tool that is automatically downloaded and installed along with the printer driver.
  • When the Canon Pixma Ip2870 driver detects the printer, the Canon Inkjet Printer Utility tool configures the necessary print settings for your Canon printer.
  • Register your Canon machine with Canon Inkjet Print Utility and complete the driver installation process. Reach our technical experts and get the Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup guide for easy setup & installation process.

How to print on Canon Pixma IP2870 Printer?

  • Check and confirm that the Canon Pixma iP2870 printer is in the operative state.
  • Check you have loaded sufficient number of sheets into the rear input tray.
  • Extend the output tray and the paper support.
  • Install both the ink tanks into the respective slots properly.
  • Open the print document that you want to print on Canon machine.
  • Detect and click the Print option from the File menu.
  • The Printing Preferences dialog window opens on the screen.
  • To directly access the Printing Preferences window, press the Ctrl and P buttons at the same time.
  • Set up the necessary print settings according to your preferences.
  • Click Save to apply all the changes that you have made.
  • Click Print to start printing the file, once the Canon Pixma iP2870 setup is over.

How To Align The Printhead Position From Your Computer?

  • Place three sheets of letter size or A4 size paper in the rear input tray.
  • Make sure you have installed the updated version of print driver software.
  • Go to the print driver Setup Window.
  • Click on the Maintenance tab.
  • Find and click the Printhead Alignment option.
  • The Start Printhead Alignment window opens on the screen.
  • Ensure that the Canon machine is operative.
  • Click the Align Printhead option and proceed with the instructions shown on the screen.
  • Enter the number of patterns that have fewer streaks in the boxes associated with it.
  • When you have completed entering all the values in the associated boxes, click OK.
  • Read the command shown on the screen and then click OK again.
  • Now your printer will print a pattern. Check the pattern and enter the values of the pattern that has horizontal stripes.
  • Click OK again to align the printhead using the automated tool and print a report after completeing the Canon Pixma iP2870 setup process.

How To Clean The Canon Pixma IP2870 Series Printer?

Cleaning Outside the Printer:

  • Make sure you have turned off the printer.
  • Unplug the power cable from the electrical socket before you begin to clean the printer.
  • Do not use paper towels, tissues, or any rough-textured cloth that may tend to scratch the printer surface.
  • Do not use any volatile liquids like acetone, thinner, benzene, or other cleaning chemicals to clean the Canon machine.
  • In case any volatile liquids are used, they may cause damage to the printer or result in the malfunctioning of the printer.

Cleaning the paper feed roller:

  • In case the paper feed rollers are dusty or covered with paper powder, the paper feed function may get disturbed. Initially, try to clean the paper feed rollers from the computer to which the printer is connected through USB.
  • Make sure the Canon machine is in the ready state.
  • Take out all the paper sheets from the rear input tray.
  • Go to the print driver Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup window.
  • Locate and click the Roller cleaning option under the Maintenance tab.
  • When the confirmation message appears on the screen, click OK to proceed with the paper feed roller cleaning.
  • The feeder cleaning process starts.
  • After the rollers settle at a position, go with the messages shown on the computer screen.
  • When prompted, place a sheet of paper in the rear input tray and click OK.
  • Now the loaded paper will be ejected properly and the cleaning process will be completed.
  • If the issue with the roller persists, clean the roller manually.

Cleaning printer’s inside:

  • Ensure that the Canon machine is in the operative state.
  • Clear away all the paper placed in the input tray.
  • Fold a single A4 paper to half width-wise, and then unfold the paper.
  • Load only the folded paper in the rear tray with the opened side facing you.
  • After loading the paper into the rear input tray, pull the paper tray out, and then extend the paper catcher.
  • Hold the ON/RESUME button until the LED near the On/Off lamp flashes five times and then release it.
  • Now the paper on the input tray feeds through the printer and cleans the inside of the printer.
  • When the cleaning process over, the folded paper ejects to the output tray.
  • Check for any ink smudges on the paper. If there are smudges, then perform the cleaning process again.

How To Reduce Noise On Canon Pixma IP2870?

  • Make sure your Canon printer and the computer on which the Canon printer is configured are in the operating condition.
  • Connect the computer to the network and install the full feature printer driver.
  • Add your Canon Pixma iP2870 printer as the default printing source.
  • Open the print driver Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup window on your computer.
  • Select the Maintenance tab and then click the Quiet Settings option.
  • Now the Quiet Settings window opens on the screen.
  • In case the communication is disabled or the printer status is inactive, some error message may display on the screen and the computer fails to collect data from the printer.
  • Choose any one of the Quiet mode options displayed on the computer.
  • To reduce the printer noise, you have to select the Always use quiet mode option.
  • Click OK to save and apply all the changes that you have made and then click OK again when the confirmation message displays on the screen.
Canon Pixma iP2870 Printer Functions

How to ensure optimal printing quality in Canon Pixma IP2870 Printer?

  • Ascertain that the ink tanks are installed properly into the respective slots.
  • Make sure that the printhead is aligned properly.
  • In case the ink is clogged in the printhead nozzle, you will get a faded output, and the paper will be wasted.
  • Check if there are any ink smears inside the printer.
  • If you find any ink smears, then perform the cleaning process to avoid poor print quality.
  • Make sure you have loaded only limited paper and placed it properly.
  • Do not load any folded or curled paper which may result in a paper jam.
  • Flatten the paper before loading it into the printer.
  • Set up proper print settings in the print driver set up window.

How to resolve Canon IP2870 USB connection issues?

  • Check if the USB port on the computer supports the USB cable you have connected to it & the Canon Pixma iP2870 setup is done.
  • Make sure the USB cable is working properly.
  • Use only certified branded USB cable which ensures a perfect USB connection.
  • Prefer a cable that is not more than 3 meters/10 feet.
  • Make sure the USB driver on your computer is functional.
  • In case USB driver of out-of-date version is installed, update it to the latest version.
  • If you are not able to update the old driver file, uninstall the outdated driver and then try reinstalling the new driver software.
  • If your computer operating system instructs to install an update, update it to the latest version and then try connecting the printer and computer using a USB cable.
  • Make sure you have added your printer to the computer.
  • Install the latest print driver file and select the USB connection type when the Canon Installer prompts you during the printer driver installation process.

What to do when the printhead holder in Canon Pixma IP2870 printer fails to move?

  • Make sure the Canon printer is plugged correctly into the electrical outlet and the Canon Pixma iP2870 setup is done.
  • Check if the LED light near the On/Off button is lit.
  • If the printer does not turn on, close all the printer doors and then try to power on the printer.
  • When the On/Off LED light is flashing, it indicates that the Canon machine is starting up.
  • Be patient until the printer completely turns active.
  • If you notice the On/Off LED light flashing and find out the corresponding error messages, then take appropriate actions to fix the error.
  • Once the error message is cleared, enable power supply to your Canon printer.
  • Open the gateway to access the ink tank area and check if the printhead holder is moving.
  • If it does not move, then proceed to the following troubleshooting steps.
  • In case the FINE cartridge access door remains open for 10 minutes or longer, the printhead holder automatically moves to the right to protect and prevent the ink tank from drying out.
  • In such cases, close and reopen the cover and check if the issue is resolved.
  • The issue may also occur due to overheating.
  • When you are printing from your Canon machine for a long time, the FINE cartridge holder may stop moving to the replacement position due to overheating.
  • Hence, give some rest to the Canon machine and allow it to warm up.
  • Do not open the FINE cartridge access cover while the printer is printing which may also be a reason for this type of issue.

How To Resolve Driver Installation Issue For Canon Pixma IP2870 Printer?

If you could not begin the installation after placing the CD-ROM into the computer’s CD player, proceed with the following steps to resolve the installation issue:

  • Connect your computer to a proper home network or router network.
  • Do not connect your computer to Virtual Private Network.
  • Locate My computer by searching through your operating system. Open the My Computer folder.
  • On the My Computer window, double-click the CD-ROM icon to open it.
  • Open the driver file folder.
  • Locate the MSETUP4.EXE file inside the folder and right-click it.
  • If the CD-ROM file or folder is not visible, then remove and reinsert the CD.
  • In case you do not have an installation CD-ROM, download the driver file and start the installation.
  • Power cycle your computer after closing all the programs which are currently in progress on the computer.
  • If you are stuck anywhere while carrying out the installation process, click the Help tab to get online assistance from the printer manufacturer.
  • Ensure that your printer is properly plugged into your computer through a USB cable.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue, delete the unnecessary printer driver files which are already installed on your computer, and then try re-installing the updated driver. For further Canon Pixma iP2870 setup & troubleshooting related queries, just reach us.

How to resolve paper jam issue on Canon Pixma IP2870 printer?

  • Retract the output paper holder and then open the front cover of the printer.
  • Be sure not to touch the clear film inside the front door to avoid damage to the printer.
  • Check and confirm the area where the paper is jammed in your printer.
  • If any paper is jammed in the right of the printhead holder, move the holder to the left to clear the paper jam.
  • In case paper jam occurs on the left of the FINE cartridge holder, slide the holder to the right and remove the paper jams.
  • Make sure the FINE cartridge holder moves freely after clearing the paper jams.
  • Hold the jammed paper firmly with your hands and pull it out slowly.
  • Do not tear the paper while removing the jammed paper.
  • If any paper tears while removing the jam, carefully remove the torn pieces inside the printer area.
  • Close the FINE cartridge holder cover and the front door which are opened to remove the paper jam.
  • Align and reload paper into the input tray properly and then try printing again.
  • Do not load any folded or wrinkled paper into the input tray.
  • If you could not clear the paper jams inside the printer, contact some authorized service center to resolve the issue.
  • Also, check for any foreign object in the spindle path of the FINE cartridge holder. Get quick guidance for Canon Pixma iP2870 setup & troubleshooting process.

How To Resolve Writing/Output/Communication Error On Canon Pixma IP2870 Printer?

  • Do not start working on your printer while the printer’s On/Off lamp is flashing.
  • Hold on until the On/Off lamp turns solid.
  • Check and confirm that the printer port is appropriately configured with the printer driver.
  • Log into your computer as an administrator.
  • Locate your printer name under the Device and Printers section in the Control panel window.
  • Open the Printer Properties window.
  • Select the Ports tab to configure the port settings.
  • Click OK to save all the modified settings.
  • Ensure the USB cable is plugged correctly into the computer port.
  • Confirm that the latest driver is installed properly.
  • Examine the status of the Canon printer. Open the Device Manager folder and then select Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Select the USB Printing Support option and check if the printer is configured correctly.
  • Check for any other error messages and clear all of them. Try to print, once the Canon Pixma Ip2870 setup is done.
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