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The Canon Pixma G2010 is a reliable printer that is used for high-volume printing. It supports printing, copying, and scanning at low costs. It can be used in your homes and at small offices. The Canon Pixma G2010 Setup is a compact printer that has high performance.

Canon Pixma G2010 Setup

Canon Pixma G2010 Setup Steps

  • Check the package for any broken seal. If so, exchange the package for a new one.
  • In the case where the seal is not broken, open the package.
  • Verify if the contents of the package such as power cord, user manual, warranty card, ink cartridges, ink bottles, etc., are present.
  • Take the printer out of the box and keep it on a steady surface to avoid any damage for the Canon Pixma G2010 setup process.
  • Attach the power cord to the rear of the printer and the wall power supply.
  • Turn on the printer with the help of the Power button.
  • Note: Avoid using a surge protector to connect the printer to the wall socket.

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Canon Pixma G2010 Driver Download & installation

Canon Pixma G2010 Driver Download for Windows

  • Drivers can be installed using the installation CD, or it can be downloaded from the net.
  • To install it with the help of the CD, follow the below given steps.
  • Ensure that the printer is turned off before proceeding to the installation process.
  • Switch on your Windows system and go to Windows.
  • Place the installation CD in the drive and close it. Reach our technical experts to get instant Canon Pixma G2010 setup related support.
  • In the AutoPlay screen, click the Run Msetup4.exe option to run the file.
  • Click the Continue option in the User Account Control screen and then press the Easy Install option when the Main Menu appears on your screen.
  • In the Applications window, select the contents you want to install.
  • Accord to the License Agreement and then click Yes.
Canon Pixma G2010 Driver Download for Windows

Canon Pixma G2010 Driver Download for Mac

  • Associate one end of the USB cable to the computer and the other end to your printer.
  • Switch on your MAC and position the installation CD in its drive.
  • When the Setup screen appears, don’t forget to double-click on the Setup icon.
  • Enter your User name and Password in the Authentication window correctly.
  • Click the Easy Install option on the Main Menu screen that appears next on your system.
  • Select the applications or softwares you want to install on your MAC system from the Applications window.
  • Next, read the license Agreement displayed on your screen and click OK.
  • Tap on the Next option present in the Canon Pixma G2010 Setup Complete screen.
Canon Pixma G2010 Driver Download for Mac

Canon Pixma G2010 Ink Cartridge Installation Steps

  • The first step is to turn on the printer using the Power button.
  • Open the top cover slowly and then lift the cartridge locking cover in the upwards direction.
  • Unpack the new cartridges from its package. Discard the protective film and the orange tape present on the cartridge.
  • Insert the Canon Pixma G2010 ink cartridges in a slightly slanting position in their respective slots.
  • Close the Cartridge locking cover by pushing it in the downward direction.
  • Then press the Joint button present on top of the cartridge locking cover.
  • Do not forget to push the Joint Button after installation; else it might lead to unwanted issues.
  • Close the top cover after the above-specified process is complete. For further Canon Pixma G2010 setup related assistance just reach our tech experts.
Canon Pixma G2010 Ink Cartridge Installation

Canon Pixma g2010 Ink Tank Refill

  • The printer will show a notification when the ink tanks are low on ink.
  • In this stage, you have to refill them to print further from your Canon printer.
  • When refilling, make sure not to turn the printer upside down. Place it on a steady surface to avoid spilling inks.
  • Firstly, ensure that the printer is turned on for the Canon Pixma G2010 setup process.
  • Pull open the top cover of the Canon printer in the upwards direction.
  • Then, you have to open the ink tank cover to refill them with ink.
  • Open the black top cover to refill it and the color top cover to refill three ink tanks.
  • The left ink tank is present on the left side of the printer, and the color tanks are present on the right side of the printer.
  • Next, you have pull off the knob present at the top of each ink tank.
  • Take the refilling bottles from the package and unwrap them from the plastic cover.
  • Open the cap of the black ink bottle. Place it near the mouth of the knob in an inverted position.
  • Squeeze the ink bottle to fill the ink tank with ink. Do not squeeze the bottle too hard. Press it gently to refill the tank.
  • Following the above step, open the yellow bottle and refill the yellow tank present at the right corner of the printer.
  • Then, remove the lid of the cyan bottle and refill the ink tank present in between yellow and blue ink tanks.
  • Similarly, open the blue ink bottle provided to you and fill the respective ink tank by placing it in an inverted position.
  • Close the knobs of all the cartridges and then close the ink tank cover by pushing it downwards.
  • Next, close the top cover of the Canon printer. Get quick Canon Pixma G2010 setup & installation related assistance from us.

Canon Pixma G2010 – How To Connect Via Usb?

  • Before initiating the installation process, you have to close all the background applications.
  • Make sure to log in as the Administrator to grant permissions when needed.
  • Remove any USB cables connected to the computer prior to the installation process.
  • Firstly, turn off the printer using the Power button.
  • Turn on your computer and place your CD in the CD-ROM.
  • Once the CD is placed, the file will be automatically recognized.
  • When the contents present in the CD appears, click on the Msetup4.exe file.
  • In the User Account Control Dialog box, click the Yes option.
  • Then, press on the Easy Install option to begin the installation process.
  • Next, to install particular items alone, tap on the Custom Install button.
  • Select the list of contents you want to install on your computer. For further Canon Pixma G2010 setup related queries just get tech support from us.

Canon Pixma G2010 Reset

  • Resetting the Canon printer to your default settings will erase all the settings you made when you purchased.
  • Firstly, turn on your printer and go to the Main menu.
  • With the help of the arrows present in the control panel, go to the Setup menu and select it.
  • Then, navigate to Device Settings and click OK.
  • Choose the Reset Settings options and tap on the OK button to initiate the reset process. Get instant guidance for Canon Pixma G2010 setup & troubleshooting process.

Canon Pixma G2010 Ink Cartridges Reset

  • Switch off your printer with the help of the Power button.
  • You have to press the Power button when holding the Stop button and then release it.
  • Hold the Power button and tap on the Stop button twice. The printer displays O after 30 seconds.
  • Tap on the Stop button four times; press the Power button two times.
  • Then pressing the Power button one more time will reset the printer.
  • You have to reset the cartridges by disconnecting the printer from the power source and the USB cables.
  • Pull open the ink cartridge access door when you are pressing the Power button.
  • Associate the printer to the power source and the close the cartridge access door.
  • Release the Power button after the above process gets over.

How To Print With Canon Pixma G2010?

  • See if the Pixma printer is turned on and the Canon Pixma G2010 setup is done.
  • Load plain sheets of paper in the input tray. Before placing the paper, align the papers on a flat surface and then place it.
  • In the Printer Driver’s Setup screen, choose the Frequently Used Settings option.
  • Then go to the Quick Setup tab and choose Commonly Used Settings.
  • The Additional Features settings, Media Type settings, and the Printer Paper Size settings are displayed in the next screen.
  • Set the Print Quality. Select any one option from High, Standard, or Draft as the print Quality.
  • Open the document to be printed and then go to the File tab. Choose Print under the File tab.
  • Specify the number of copies and click the Print option.

Canon Pixma G2010 Print Envelopes:

  • In the input tray of the printer, load the envelopes.
  • Then, you have to open the Printer Driver Canon Pixma G2010 Setup Window.
  • Followed by the above-given step, choose the Media Type.
  • On the Quick Setup tab, look for Envelopes option under the Commonly Used Settings option and select it.
  • Next, choose the size of the paper from the given options and click the OK option to confirm it.
  • The proceeding step is to set the orientation as Landscape to print the addressee horizontally on the envelope.
  • Select the Quality of Print in the succeeding step of the procedure as High or Standard.
  • Click on the OK option to save the settings. The desired content will be printed on the envelope.

Canon Pixma G2010 Scan Setup

  • Scanning can be done quickly with the help of instructions given below.
  • Before scanning, make sure that the IJ Scan Utility has been installed on your computer.
  • Place the documents you want to scan on the platen glass with the scan side facing downwards.
  • Launch the IJ Scan Utility on your system. Navigate to the Settings option and modify the paper size, resolution, etc., if you want to.
  • Click OK after you have modified the settings according to your choice.
  • Tap on the Document or Photo button based on the type of file you are going to scan.
  • The scanning process will now start.

How To Copy With Canon Pixma G2010?

  • Initially, verify if the Canon printer is turned on & the Canon Pixma G2010 setup is done.
  • Place sheets of paper in the input tray before initiating the Copy process.
  • Load the original documents on the scanner glass with the copy side facing downwards.
  • Go to the Settings option if you want to change the Print quality.
  • The Print Quality can be set to either Standard or Draft.
  • If choosing standard, then the quality will be given preference over the print speed.
  • On choosing Draft, the print speed will be given more priority than the quality.
  • Press the ‘+’ present on the control panel of the printer to set the number of copies.
  • Tap on the Color button to copy in color. Else, press the Black button to copy in black & white.
Canon G2010 Print Setup

Canon Pixma g2010 Troubleshooting

Canon G2010 will need troubleshooting when an issue arises with it. Complete guidelines are given on this website to sort out all errors that occur in the printer. Follow the steps carefully to rectify the issues in a jiffy. Reach our tech experts to get instant Canon Pixma G2010 setup & troubleshooting related guidance.

Canon Pixma G2010 Not Turn On

  • Switch off the printer. Check if the Canon printer is connected properly to the power source.
  • If not. Associate it correctly.
  • Turn on your Canon G2010 using the Power button.
  • With the Canon printer turned on, disconnect the power supply.
  • Wait patiently for at least 2 minutes. Then, attach the printer to the Power supply.
  • Using the Power button, turn on your Pixma printer and then follow then Canon Pixma G2010 setup process.

Canon Pixma G2010 Paper Jam

  • Switch off your Canon printer and disconnect it from the wall socket.
  • Open the top cover of the printer by pulling it upwards. Check if there is any paper jam there.
  • Pull it out carefully without tearing it.
  • Verify below the cartridge holder to see if any paper is stuck there.
  • If yes, remove it gently with both your hands.

Canon G2010 No Ink On The Paper:

  • Check the ink levels of the ink tanks to see if they are low on ink.
  • If so, then refill the ink tanks to see if the issue is being resolved.
  • Verify if the print head nozzles are clogged.
  • See if the cartridges are installed properly in their slots.
  • Remove the cartridges from their positions and install it again to rectify this issue.
  • If the above solutions fail, then take your printer to the nearest service center or reach our tech experts to get quick Canon Pixma G2010 setup support.

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