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Canon Pixma E560 Setup Support


The CANON PIXMA E560 is designed to give you a wireless printing experience at a low running cost. You can Print, scan and copy with this device. Canon Pixma E560 setup has Hi-speed USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi.


Canon Pixma E560 Setup Steps

  • Unbox your CANON E560 printer.
  • Insert the power cable into the printer and connect it to the power outlet.
  • On the front of the printer, push the power button.
  • Wait for the carriage to stop.
  • Now, open the new ink cartridge and remove the tab on it.
  • Insert it into the holder for the Canon Pixma E560 setup process.
  • Pull the holder and repeat the same for installing another cartridge.
  • Once you have completed inserting the ink cartridge, close the cartridge holder.
  • Open the face again and adjust the paper correctly. Ascertain that the power light on the printer doesn’t blink while printing.
  • Place the paper on the scanner glass and press the On button.
  • If you aren’t sure, turn off the printer and turn it back on again. Wait for all the lights turn back on.
  • You should not pull the paper at any circumstance. Wait for the paper to come out.
Canon Pixma E560 Setup

Canon Pixma E560 Driver Download

Canon E560 Driver Installation

CANON E560 is the first ink based printer to include wireless LAN connectivity. It performs operations without having to connect it to a computer by using the USB. CANON E560 supports the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Access the Canon website through the web browser and download the latest printer driver for your printer model for the Canon Pixma E560 setup process. Follow the instructions for installing the Driver.

  • Click on the downloaded driver on your computer and start the installation.
  • You can also download the driver for free.
  • If you are logged as an admin, click Yes to continue.
  • Follow the actions as given on the screen.
  • Click the Complete button.
  • Now your Printer driver download is complete.
 Canon Pixma E560 Driver Download

Canon Pixma E560 Driver For Windows 7

  • Download the Canon Pixma E560 driver and install it.
  • After installing the driver, use the USB or Ethernet cable to connect your printer and computer.
  • Make sure you use the power switch to turn on both devices. The printer gets to the Ready status.
  • Read the license agreement given by Canon.
  • Click yes to agree. Only if you click agree, the driver will install.
  • Choose the Canon Pixma E560 setup method and then click Next.
  • The windows appear, now you need to connect your computer and printer.
  • Click Restart my computer now and select Exit.
  • Setup Driver for Canon E560 is complete.

Installing The Canon Pixma E560 Scanner Driver

Access the Canon E560 website through the browser to download the latest scanner driver or proceed with the steps below to install the download scanner driver for the printer.

  • Double click the downloaded disk image file on your computer. This file has been decompressed and the disk is mounted.
  • Click the pkg file in the disk and the installation starts.
  • The license agreement screen appears, read them and click the Continue button. If you don’t agree to the license, you cannot install this software.
  • Complete the installation. Now set up the network if you have more than one.
  • Make sure that you don’t go back during the Canon Pixma E560 setup process. If you do so, then the installation may fail.

Canon Pixma E560 WiFi Setup

  • Canon E560 printer and computer must be connected to the same network.
  • In network settings, select the network that you want to use.
  • Ensure that the button on the access point is ready to start.
  • Hold the Wi-Fi button of the printer until the orange light flashes.
  • Check whether the blue Wi-Fi light flashes and the green power light glows
  • Return to the application screen and proceed.

Canon Pixma E560 Print Setup

  • The printer and computer must be turned on.
  • Load paper into the paper tray.
  • Open the printer driver setup on the computer.
  • Select the commonly used settings. You can select the printing profile which you want to use. The paper size settings get switched automatically.
  • Select the print quality according to your need.
  • Click OK to complete the Canon Pixma E560 setup.

How To Print In Canon Pixma E560

Connect your printer to the computer. Turn on your printer and computer. Make sure that the orange light on the printer panel is on.

  • Use the Print option on your web browser.
  • In the Internet Explorer 9 or 10, Select tools -> Print -> Page Setup.
  • Also, select the background color and images of the print.
  • In Internet Explorer 8, click the Alt key to view the Menu option.
  • ect Page Setup from the File menu. Then select the Print Background colors and the images.
  • In the Mozilla Firefox page, press the Alt Key to display the menu.
  • Now select Page Setup from File menu.
  • Choose Print Background.

Canon Pixma E560 Paper Jam

The paper jam is a standard issue caused by printers. If you are not able to remove the paper from the paper output tray, then the paper is jammed inside the machine. Follow the procedure below.

  • If you want to remove the jammed paper during printing, then turn off the printer.
  • Select the Stop button on the control panel to cancel the print jobs before turning off the printer.
  • Power off the printer and take the power cable out of the machine. Open the paper output tray. Remove the paper on the front tray.
  • Check whether the jammed paper is not inside the fine cartridge. If the paper is jammed under the cartridge holder, moving the cartridge to the left or right will be easier to remove the paper.
  • Hold the jammed paper and pull the paper out using your hands.
  • Ensure all the jammed paper is removed. For instant Canon Pixma E560 setup related support just reach us.
  • Check and remove pieces of torn paper if it remains. Finally, close the paper output cover and then reload the paper.
  • If this issue continues after removing the paper, contact the service center.

Canon Pixma E650 Ink Cartridge Replacement

If the ink error occurs, the orange light on the ink lamp will blink. To replace the FINE cartridge, follow the procedure below.

  • If you remove the fine cartridge, it should be replaced immediately.
  • Use a new cartridge for replacement.
  • Once a new cartridge has been installed, don’t remove it from the machine. This may cause the new cartridge to dry.
  • To perform good quality printing, use a new cartridge.
  • Push the power button and pull the paper tray out.
  • To remove the cartridge from the cartridge holder, push the ink cartridge lock lever.
  • Take the new cartridge out of the packing and remove the tab.
  • The color cartridge must be installed on the left.
  • The black cartridge goes on the right.
  • Close the paper output cover.

How To Copy In Canon Pixma E560

Copying in the printer is an easy task. Once you know the procedure to copy, it is very simple. It will also cost very less.

  • Ensure whether your printer is turned on for the Canon Pixma E560 setup process.
  • Load paper into the paper tray.
  • Select the Copy button on the home screen. Every printer has an operation panel with buttons.
  • Select the Standard copy. You can see that the Copy standby screen is displayed.
  • Load the original paper on the platen.
  • Press the Color button on the printer’s control panel for color copying or black button for black copying.
  • Click the Print button on the printer panel.
Canon Pixma E560 Troubleshooting

Canon Pixma e560 Troubleshooting

Canon Pixma E560 Ink Is Not Ejected

The ink ejection occurs if a fine cartridge runs without ink or the cartridge is not installed properly.

  • Check if there is ink in the cartridge by printing a sample sheet.
  • If the ink cartridge is not installed correctly, the ejection occurs.
  • Open the paper output cover and then the cartridge cover.
  • Push the ink cartridge lock lever up to ensure that it is correctly placed.
  • If this issue is not resolved, remove the cartridge and reinstall it to fix this Canon Pixma E560 troubleshooting problem.

Canon Pixma E560 Scanner Does Not Work

  • Connect the printer and computer to the power cord properly.
  • Ensure that you have turned on the printer and computer.
  • Check whether the Canon Pixma E560 setup process is done.
  • Connect the USB cable to the available USB port of the computer.
  • Check if the USB port is connected to correctly.
  • Restart the computer.
  • If still the issue is not solved, check the Canon Pixma E560 manual given.

Canon Pixma E560 Error Code

Canon Pixma E560 1003

  • This error code occurs if the machine is out of paper.
  • To solve this issue, check whether there is sufficient paper for printing.Get instant technical support for Canon Pixma E560 setup & troubleshooting process.

Canon Pixma E560 1300

  • This error code occurs if the paper is jammed in the paper output tray.
  • To solve this error, stop all the print jobs, hold the paper and pull it out.

Canon Pixma E560 1202

  • This error code occurs when the paper output cover is open.
  • To solve this issue, make sure you have closed the tray properly. Get easy Canon Pixma E560 troubleshooting tips from our technical experts.

Canon Pixma E560 1688

  • This error may occur when there is no ink in the cartridge.
  • To solve this error, check the ink level in the cartridge if sufficient ink is not present, then replace the Fine cartridge.

Canon Pixma E560 1687

  • This error occurs if the new cartridge is not installed properly.
  • To solve this error, reinsert the cartridge in the cartridge holder. For further Canon Pixma E560 setup related assistance, just reach our technical experts.
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