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How to Use Canon Pixma E510 Duplex Printing?

Save paper! Save trees! Canon Pixma E510 Duplex Printing has been playing an important role in saving trees. It uses less paper for printing multiple pages compared to single-sided printing. Considering this fact, Canon has introduced the duplex printing feature for many of its printer models. If you want to know how to use your Canon PIXMA E510 printer for duplex printing, go through the steps below.


Before Starting:

  • Turn on your Canon PIXMA E510 printer.
  • Verify if you have installed the printer software on your computer.
  • Connect your printer to your computer using a standard USB cable.
  • If necessary, you can also connect the devices over a wireless network.

Loading Print Media:

  • Open the front door and slide out the paper tray extender.
  • Slide apart the paper guides in the paper tray.
  • Fan a paper stack and insert it into the paper input tray.
  • Adjust the paper stack with the paper guides.
  • Open the paper stopper and proceed to use your Canon PIXMA E510 printer for duplex printing.
  • Make sure that you set the correct paper settings before printing your document.

Printing from a Windows Computer:

  • Close all the pending print jobs, if any.
  • Open the document you want to print.
  • Next, click the File tab at the top-left corner of the window and then select the Print option. This will open the Print dialog box.
  • Alternatively, you can open the Print dialog box by pressing the Ctrl + P shortcut keys.
  • Select your printer’s name from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Two-Sided option.
  • Enable the All radio button next to Pages.
  • Specify the print layout and set either Long-Edge binding or Short-Edge binding as your stapling side.
  • Set the correct margin and other print settings you want to add for CANON PIXMA E510 DUPLEX PRINTING.
  • Finally, click Print to print your double-sided document.

If you are stuck while printing double-sided documents, click the Call button on this Canon Pixma E510 Duplex Printing page and contact our technical experts for assistance in resolving it.

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