Canon Pixma Printer Setup Services

Canon Pixma Printer Setup Services
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Canon Pixma Printer Support


“Are you looking for quick and simple steps for the Canon PIXMA printer setup or expert troubleshooting solutions to resolve a problem related to the printer?” If yes, this Canon PIXMA Support page will help you get the perfect instructions. Canon PIXMA is a wide range of inkjet and wireless printers that come in various series, colors, prices, and printer functions. Each printer differs by print, scan, copy, or fax function, control panel features, connectivity options, etc.

This Canon PIXMA Support page covers all the information related to your printer in an easy-to-understand manner. You can find almost all the Canon PIXMA series printer models, their specifications, setup processes, and troubleshooting solutions on this page. We also provide the latest versions of the printer drivers free of charge and the manuals for most Canon PIXMA printer models.

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Canon PIXMA Support is an all-in-one setup and solution package for your Canon PIXMA printer, including easy-to-do first-time printer setup instructions and expert troubleshooting solutions to resolve your printer problems.

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Canon Pixma Printer Setup Compatible Platforms

Almost all the Canon PIXMA printers work with both Standard and Enterprise versions of the Windows OS. So, there won’t be any problem for the printer setup.
The latest versions of macOS come with the built-in printer driver. When you connect your Canon PIXMA printer to Mac, the drivers will be automatically installed.
You can easily set up your Canon PIXMA printer on your Android smartphone running on 4.4 or higher version. Just contact us to know more about the same.
Canon PIXMA printers can quickly be connected to your iOS devices (4.2 or higher versions) by making use of the AirPrint feature or the recommended mobile app.

List Of Canon Pixma Printer Series

Canon Pixma MG Series


Canon PIXMA MG series are all-in-one, wireless, color inkjet printers designed for home, office, and business printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs.

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Canon Pixma MX Series


Canon PIXMA MX series printers are excellent in delivering incredible print quality and are suitable for both your business document and photo printing needs.

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Canon Pixma MP Series


“Looking for a printer that enables you to print your favorite photos on the go?” Then, you can choose the Canon PIXMA MP printer without a second thought.

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Canon Pixma IP Series


IP series are specially designed for photographers and the people who prefer compact, wireless, lightweight printers for their daily printing requirements.

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Canon Pixma TR Series


These are designed to replace the Canon PIXMA MX series. This series comes with an ADF at the top and offers a wide range of print, scan, and copy features.

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Canon Pixma G Series


This is a versatile printer series with a MegaTank offering low cost printing. Both single-functional and multi-functional printers are available in this category.

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Canon Pixma Pro Series


These are Professional Photo printers that meet all your photo printing needs. Canon PIXMA Pro series come with a dynamic feature, optical disk printing, etc.

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Canon Pixma TS Series


They are the updated versions of the Canon PIXMA MG series printers. You can load both photo and document papers into the PIXMA TS series printers.

More Models..

Canon PIXMA Printer Setup- Five Easy-To-Do Steps

Setting up your Canon PIXMA printer for the first time is never going to be a backbreaking job again. Read the easy-to-do instructions given below to know more about the same.

Canon Pixma Printer Setup
  • Preparing the printer: Begin your Canon PIXMA printer setup by opening the product box. To do so, open the seal from the product box. Take the printer and its components, such as a power cord, the ink cartridges or ink bottles, setup CD, manual, etc., out of the box. Now, remove the Canon PIXMA printer from the Styrofoam pieces and the packing bag. Place your printer on a neat surface. Gently remove all the packing tapes, materials, and cardboard pieces from the inside and outside of the printer.
  • Switching on the printer: Plug the power cord from your Canon PIXMA printer into a nearby electrical outlet. Avoid using a surge protector or a power strip to connect your printer to the outlet. Press the ON/OFF button on the printer’s control panel to turn it on. Set the printer language, date/time, region, etc., once the printer is ready to use.
  • Installing the ink cartridges or filling the ink tanks: Open the ink cartridge door or the ink tank cover followed by the caps. Unpack the ink cartridges or bottles. Install the unpacked FINE ink cartridges into their slots or fill the ink tanks with the correct ink types. Close the caps followed by the covers or close the door.
  • Loading paper: Open the paper cassette or tray. Get the recommended paper type for your printer. Adjust the width guides and load the paper into the tray or cassette. Ensure that the paper is not loaded more than the maximum limit mark. Close the cassette or tray. Open the output tray.
  • Installing the printer software: Download the Canon PIXMA printer driver free of cost from our page and install it on your computer. Contact our experts for the hassle-free installation of the Canon PIXMA printer driver.

Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge Installation- Quick Guide

Ink cartridge installation is a part of the printer hardware setup. Before you install the ink cartridges:

  • Check to ensure that your Canon Pixma printer is unpacked completely.
  • Ensure that you have the FINE ink cartridges for your printer model.
  • Gently open the ink access door, front cover, or the paper output cover of your printer.
  • You can see the cartridge holder moving from left to right and vice versa.
  • You can install the ink cartridges only after the holder stops moving.
  • So, meanwhile, unpack the FINE ink cartridges.
  • Ensure that the protective tapes from the cartridges are removed properly. Avoid touching the electrical contacts when handling the cartridges.

Now, install the ink cartridges into their slots. Ensure that the black cartridge is installed on the right-hand side of the slot and the color cartridge on the left. Close the door or front cover. Scan the printed alignment page to complete the alignment process.

Canon Pixma Driver Download & Installation- Easy-to-do Guide

Download the Canon PIXMA printer driver free of charge from our webpage by clicking the Download link provided. As soon as you click this download link, your computer’s current OS type will be auto-detected, and the printer driver available for it will start downloading.

Once the Canon PIXMA printer driver is downloaded successfully, double-click on it to begin the software installation. Click Yes or Run as Administrator and accept the Terms & Conditions of the printer to continue the driver installation. Choose the desired connection type and connect your printer to the computer using the same when prompted. Install the software by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

If you need further assistance in installing the Canon PIXMA printer driver, reach our technical experts over a call or text message.

Canon PIXMA Wi-Fi Setup- Complete Guide

You can set up your Canon PIXMA printer over a wireless network using the “Standard Connection Method,” “WPS Connection Method,” or “Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app.” All these three methods are pretty easy. However, based on your Canon PIXMA series and the connectivity option availability, the process might vary a little bit.

For the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app: If you want to install the printer on your smartphone, use the Canon PRINT Inkjet/ SELPHY app. Install this recommended mobile app on your iOS or Android phone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Connect your smartphone to a stable internet connection and open the installed Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app on it. Set up your printer over your wireless network by following the prompts displayed on the app screen.

Use the WPS Connection or the Standard Connection Method to set up your Canon PIXMA printer over a wireless network with your Windows or Mac computer.

For WPS:

    Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your printer. (Contact us if you need real-time assistance in enabling it). Now, perform the following instructions:

  • Run the printer software on your computer.
  • Choose the WPS option when prompted.
  • Install the software to complete the Canon PIXMA Wi-Fi setup.

For Standard Connection:

  • Run the Canon PIXMA printer driver file on your computer.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions.
  • When you reach the “1-1 Connection Method Selection” screen, click on the Network Connection button.
  • Select Wireless Connection > Next > Connect to the Network > Cableless setup. Complete the rest of the Canon PIXMA Wi-Fi setup process by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
Canon Pixma Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma Wired Setup

In case you have an Ethernet cable, you can set up your Canon PIXMA printer over a wired connection. Switch on your printer if it is turned off. Plug the Ethernet cable from your Canon PIXMA printer’s Ethernet port into the network device. Connect your computer to the same network over a wireless or wired connection and run the printer driver on the computer.

Complete the rest of the Canon PIXMA wired setup by following the prompts displayed on the screen. Contact us now if you need real-time technical assistance in setting up your Canon printer over a wired connection.

Canon Pixma Usb Setup

If you don’t want to connect your printer over a wireless network, you can use the USB method to connect it to the computer. Before you begin the Canon PIXMA USB setup, ensure that your computer is connected to a stable internet connection. Why? To install the Canon PIXMA printer driver on your computer, you need an internet connection.

Now, get the recommended USB cable for your printer if it is not provided. Ensure that the cable is not connected to your printer and the computer. Now, run the Canon PIXMA printer driver file on your computer. Reach the “Select Connection Method” screen by following the prompts that are displayed.

Click on the USB Connection (USB Cable) option followed by Next. When prompted, connect the cable from your Canon printer’s USB port to the computer’s USB port. Once your printer is detected, click the Continue Online button to complete the rest of the Canon PIXMA USB setup process.

Print With The Canon Pixma Printer- For Smartphone/ Computer

Once the Canon PIXMA printer setup is completed, it is ready for print operation. However, before you print a document from your computer or smartphone, ensure that the printer is turned on. Also, the devices (printer and computer or smartphone) must be connected to the same network. Open the output tray or extension if it is closed.

For computer: Open the document or page you want to print in the application that supports the Print function. Click File > Print for opening the Print dialog box. Choose your Canon PIXMA series printer in the opened dialog box. Click on the Properties button and set the print type, resolution, and other settings as per your needs. Finally, click Print.

For smartphone: You can use the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app (Android & iOS) or the AirPrint (iOS only) feature to print a document, photo, or page from your smartphone to the printer. Contact us to know more about the same.

How To Copy Using The Canon Pixma Printer?

You can create the desired number of copies of a document using the Canon PIXMA printer. Switch on your printer. Check and load enough paper into the cassette or input paper tray. Check and replace or refill the ink cartridges or tanks.

Now, press the Copy button on your printer’s control panel. Use the ADF or scanner glass to load the original. If you want to create duplicate copies of only one page, load it on the scanner glass. To create a copy of more than two pages, load them into the ADF. If your printer doesn’t have an ADF, use the scanner glass to create a copy of them.

When loading the original, ensure that its print side is facing down on the scanner glass or facing up in the ADF. Set the copy preferences as per your needs. Finally, press the Color Start or Black Start button.

How To Scan A Document Using My Canon Pixma Printer In 2022?

To scan a document or photo and save it to your computer, a memory card, or send it to an email address, you can use your Canon PIXMA printer’s operational panel or the IJ Scan Utility (if available for your printer) installed on your computer. If you’re using your printer from a smartphone, you can use the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app to scan documents or photos.

Before you begin the scan operation, ensure that the Canon PIXMA printer is turned on. Also, ensure that the necessary scanner drivers are installed on your computer.

Load the original you want to scan into the ADF or on the scanner glass. Tap the Scan option on your printer’s home screen or press the Scan button on the printer’s operational panel. Set the scan type and other settings as per your preferences and press the Start or Scan button.

Using the IJ Scan Utility: Open the IJ Scan Utility on your computer. Check to ensure that your Canon PIXMA printer is selected correctly. Now, click on the Document or Photo tab. If you wish to scan the document saved on your computer, then select it manually. Under the Scan Options section of the Settings screen, choose your document from the Select Source drop-down menu. (Skip this step if you have placed the original in the ADF or on the scanner glass). Set the Save Settings and other settings as per your needs, and finally, click OK.

Using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app: Ensure that the original you want to scan is loaded into the ADF or on the scanner glass of your printer. Now, open the app. Tap on the Scan option. Scan the placed document by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Canon Pixma Fax

First Things First- Check to ensure that your Canon PIXMA printer supports the fax function. (Read the printer specifications to learn more about it). Configure the fax setup on your printer if you haven’t done it yet. Contact our experts to get instant Canon PIXMA printer support in setting up the fax settings on it. Now, load the originals you want to fax into the printer. You can use the scanner glass or the ADF for the same.

Now, press the Fax button on your printer’s control panel or select the Fax option from the Home screen of your printer. Type the recipient’s Fax number in the given field or select it from the address book. Configure the fax settings as per your needs, and finally, press the Black/Color or Send button.

Canon Pixma Support

How To Use “file Sharing” On My Canon Pixma Printer?


File sharing enables you to access your printer from different computers that are connected to the same network. To use this feature on your Canon PIXMA printer, first prepare the printer and the computers for the same.

Connect your Canon PIXMA printer and the computers to the same network. Now, on the print server (main computer), install the printer driver and enable the Sharing option. To enable the Sharing option in Windows, open Control Panel on your computer. Select and right-click on the Network and Sharing Center option followed by Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Choose the profile.

Go to File and printer sharing. Click the radio button beside the “Turn on file and printer sharing” option. Now, go to the client servers (computers that are connected to the main computer’s network) and do the same. Install the printer driver and enable the File Sharing option on all the client servers. If you need further assistance, you can reach our technical experts now.

Steps To Optimize The Print Speed On The Canon Pixma Printer

“Is your Canon PIXMA printer taking more time to print than usual?” If yes, try these five simple tricks to optimize the print speed on your Canon PIXMA printer.


  • An unstable or poor internet connection will be the main reason behind most of the problems. If you have connected your printer and the computer or smartphone over a wireless network, then ensure that your internet connection is stable and active.


  • Two types of fonts are available: TrueType fonts and printer-based fonts. Both these types are used for different purposes. When printing, it is important to choose the right font. For fast printing, it is recommended to use printer-based fonts.


  • You can also use the Barcode rendering feature to optimize the print speed on your Canon PIXMA printer. Contact us to know more about the barcode rendering feature.


  • Reducing the size of the document will also help you optimize the print speed on your printer. Replace the high-resolution designs with simpler ones. Before sending a print job to your Canon PIXMA printer, ensure that no print jobs are queued because this will also affect the print speed on your printer.


  • Low or insufficient storage space can also slow down the print speed. If necessary, use the “Allow Static Objects” or “Allow Static Graphics” option. Contact our technical experts if you need further assistance regarding the same.

Methods To Improve The Print Quality On Your Canon Pixma Printer

“Not happy with the print quality of your printer?” Don’t worry. There are some tricks to improve it.


  • The color saturation should be set to a low level to get outstanding printouts. You can do this by configuring the print speed setting to high and adjusting the maximum resolution setting in the Print application.


  • Turn off your Canon PIXMA printer when it is not in use. Avoid removing the ink cartridges unnecessarily from the printer.


  • Dust or unwanted particles that enter your printer can also affect the print quality. Clean the printer periodically. Wrap the printer with a protective cover to avoid unwanted particles from entering it.


  • Using non-genuine or incompatible paper types can also affect the print quality. So, always ensure that the genuine FINE ink cartridges are installed on your printer. Also, ensure that the recommended paper type is loaded into the tray or cassette of your printer. Adjust the print heads regularly.

Replacing Empty, Incompatible, Or Damaged Ink Cartridge On Canon Pixma Printer

Checking the ink levels of the cartridges periodically and replacing them will prevent you from facing the print quality issue. If the ink cartridge level is empty or low, then replace it with the FINE ink cartridge.

You can also replace the ink cartridge if the installed one is non-genuine or damaged.

  • Get the replacement FINE ink cartridge from the Canon Store.
  • Remove the empty or damaged ink cartridge from its slot.
  • Unpack the new ink cartridge and install it into the slot.
  • Print a test page to check the quality of the new ink cartridge.

Resetting The Canon Pixma Printer Settings To Default

The reset process varies based on your Canon PIXMA printer series. Follow the instructions given below to reset the printer settings to their defaults if your printer has the Setup menu screen. Contact us to get instant Canon PIXMA printer support to reset your printer settings to default.

  • Open the Setup menu screen on your printer.
  • Select Device Settings followed by Reset Settings.
  • Choose the Reset All option and confirm your rest by selecting Yes.

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